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Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Grey Trigger Sidestrike on Baidu

Have you ever watched a movie twice and noticed a bit that you didn't notice before, that's what happened to me.

More after boing.

This pic has been on Baidu for a while now but I didn't notice the grey trigger until last night. The pic of the grey triggered Sidestrike I've shown you before was Photoshopped, the pic had an orange trigger originally.

What does this mean. Not a lot really. It does mean that Aussie Side Strikes are just that little bit closer.

Something else I didn't notice until last night was this..


It was staring me in the face and I didn't even notice it.

So are the multi-coloured Jolts headed for Australia only? Maybe. "Elite" Jolts in the USA have Orange triggers even though the Jolt is not an Elite blaster. So far I've only seen these transparent Jolts sporting grey triggers, but that's not to say there aren't any of these heading anywhere else.

~ Rob

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