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Wednesday, 1 January 2014

I'M BACK!!!!1!!!one!! (and happy 2014)

I know this is going to make my departure look like a total publicity stunt. But as you might've heard on Bay Area Nerf's most recent podcast, I will be making a return to the NIC. I have received a magnitude of emails and Facebook messages asking me to comeback, I'll go into more details after the jump... boing

I honestly didn't think my blog had gained such a following! Basic Nerf, Bay Area Nerf, Tactical Tag, Canberra & Southern NSW Dart Tag, Barbados Soft Dart Shooting Gallery, Psyk, Jay Nerf and My Last Dart's Ash (to name a few and sorry if I left anyone out) all gave me their well wishes.

I got so many emails and messages from people asking me to come back too. I didn't know I actually had fans. I thought as time progressed, living sans blog would be easy. But the itch just got worse and I couldn't stand it any longer... I just had to come back.

I'd like to share with you now, some of the heart warming comments and posts people and blogs have made:


Tactical Tag

Basic Nerf

Bay Area Nerf

Prop Weapons Co-Op

YouTube Message

Facebook comments

Of course this list doesn't include the emails, of which there are many.

With my return I'll be setting myself some rules though. Like, don't stay up untill stupid o'clock hunting on internet for Nerf and blaster info/news. And, dont record, import, edit and render videos on one night, as this would result in breaching the stupid o'clock rule. Those are just two of the steps I'll be undertaking to reduce the blog's footprint on my life. But rest assured, what time I do dedicate to the blog will be spent analysing and researching all the Nerf news for you.

The reason I announced my departure is because at the time it did look as though I would have to leave for good and I liked Pocket's idea of a "goodbye" post instead of just leaving the blog unmaintained. But it turns out I will have more spare time than I thought I would. And how could I stay away from a community that is so awesome? I was welcomed with open arms and everyone was sad to se me go. Also, I've since clocked over 100000 page views and 350 YouTube subscribers so it turns out people like me.

Once again, I thank all for their support.

Keep being awesome

~ Rob


  1. Welcome back mate. Looking forward to a new year of Nerf and blaster related blogs.

  2. Thank the NIC gods you are back. If you ever ever reach the end of the rope again, please reach out and ask for help. You've done such great work and I will gladly help where I can to keep you up and running

  3. Good to have you back!! My New Years Wish came true :D

    Take it easy bro, and it's super awesome seriously that you are back :)

    Catch you later aligator!!

  4. Publicity stunt or not, we're all happy to have SBNC back on our watch list!

  5. It's been hard keeping the secret while we prepared the podcast! Good to have you back man!

  6. Yay! I have to say that I'm a little confused on how you are back already. Can't wait for some new posts! :)


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