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Wednesday, 15 January 2014


Youtube is full of Nerf identities. It's hard to find someone unique because, a lot of the modifications are the same so for a Nerfer to stand out, they need to do something different.

This guy has been posting Nerf related videos on Youtube now for a few years and a little more than a year ago started his show "PWND".

Weekly, he will fill you in on the local Nerf scene in Singapore, new mods, new parts, and reviews. He loves frozen grapes and collects Lanard Shot Guns. He's my brother from an Asian mother, he's Psyk!

ME: Thanks for accepting the invite to be interviewed.

PSYK: You're more than welcome!

ME: So, what got you into Nerf in the first place?

PSYK: I started out with the whole plastic modelling hobby, you know, Gundam kits. I used to build those kits as a kid, but as I grew older, I fell in love with "custom paint jobs" on them. I used to change up the color schemes of certain Gundam models, haha. It was one day that a friend told me about a "Nerf Gun" (yes, I know, BLASTER not GUN but that's exactly what he mentioned) that was a pretty sick looking revolver-type, and told me that I could consider giving it a gunmetal metallic paint job on it, so it'll look like Hellboy's "Big Baby". I took up the challenge... and after having the blaster opened up, I decided that since I'm already at this stage, why not perform a mod or something, to see if I can improve it's performance. Got my ass on to YouTube and chanced upon some videos... so I went ahead and learnt about how to remove the ARs, about the "Penny Mod"... and once I closed it up, it was firing much harder than before and I was so impressed with the performance improvement. In my mind, all I thought was "Damn! All I did was get rid of a little plastic, put a pair of coins in this thing and NOW IT DOES THIS?"

That's how I started.

ME: Was it a Maverick? You said penny mod so I assume it was a Maverick.

PSYK: BINGO! I was waiting for you to guess. Hahahaha

ME: And which blaster was it that go you hooked once and for all? Alpha Trooper?

PSYK: Nope, not the Alpha Trooper, even though it is one of my favourite from the N-Strike / Elite line. After my Maverick, I purchased a Deploy and that's where I got hooked. To be honest, I should say that it was because of the deploy that I learnt about the reverse-plunger system... but it was the boltsled and the breech assembly that really caught my interest. See, here in Singapore, any physically fit male is made to serve the military in what is known as "National Service". These days, the duration is 2 years, but during my time, it was 2.5 years and during my stint, my vocation saw me learning and handling a few real firearms. So, seeing the boltsled and the full internals assembly, it really brought back memories... Hahaa

ME: Ok, so, has the Deploy’s impression on you changed at all or do you still look at it as “your baby”?

PSYK: Let's face it. The Deploy sucks. HAHAHAHA. I, like many others, got suckered into it only because of the "oooooooooo sweet transforming action!" gimmick.

ME: I’ll be honest, watching it flick out at the press of a button is pretty cool.

PSYK: Definitely. Nobody can ever deny that.

ME: What’s you baby now then? The red Longshot?

PSYK: I have many, many babies now! But yeah I guess, my go-to blaster would definitely have to be my RM-kit Red Longshot. (Did I mention that I'm a sucker for the Lanard Shot Gun and all it's variants?)

ME: Yes, I’ve seen your collection vid on YouTube. Do you have any that you’ve modded, or, do you prefer to keep them stock?

PSYK: I currently have a full-set of NIB ones, but apart from that I also have 2 hoppered Hand Cannons and an Octoshot.

ME: What kind of performance do you get from those? Do they leave a mark?

PSYK: The octoshot does. All credits to MIG for that, cos it's just pure sickness! However, to be honest, nowadays we're all using Sili-tip darts, and those don't really leave a mark like older stefans do. Oh yes, I'm talking about stefans here, not streamlines :)

The two hoppered handcannons are mid-range, they're mainly for smaller-scale wars, because to me they're hella comfortable and easy to use. Those don't leave any marks.

ME: Do you ever shoot yourself to see how much it hurts?

PSYK: All the time. Hahaha.If I personally can't take it, I wouldn't fire it at anyone else either. Well.. maybe except for at Ahtanie.

ME: Lol! In your vids, there is a Dart Tag vest you shot at to demonstrate a blaster’s power. It always has darts on it. Are those there from a blaster or did you put back by hand when they come off?

PSYK: I always put it back on when they come off. Hahah. It helps to show the viewer the impact of the fired dart. I know that it's not much, but because my camera can't catch a fired dart while it's in mid-air fast enough, I guess a "reaction" impact does help. It's really not much, but at least, it's still something.

ME: Ok, that makes sense. And are you excited about HvZ in Singapore?

PSYK: I'm crazy excited. I've always heard so much about HvZ... finally a chance! Gotta give a huge shoutout to Jeremy aka ExpiredYoghurt, cos without him, this wouldn't even be happening!

ME: From what I’ve heard, many people prefer to be the zombies, which I think is interesting.

PSYK: I hope to be a zombie too! hahahahaha

ME: What is the Nerf scene like in Singapore?

PSYK:Hmm. I don't know where to start!

ME: How many attendees (on average) for each war?

PSYK: I'd say that we're a pretty lucky scene. The country's small but really developed. We do get quite a good selection of blasters off the shelf, we're able to purchase stuff online without much hassle, we've got access to modding materials, we've got some companies producing upgrade kits, we've got VERY dedicated people who devote their time to organising wars, etc.
It depends, I guess. It depends on which "group" and which "clique" and in which area the wars are held. The previous war, known as the NerfSG EOY War, garnered about 70+ attendees.

ME: That’s a good turn out. So you think a dense, large population helps?

PSYK: It definitely makes things easier to manage. However, due to the tight law restrictions here, we, as the "adults" in the game, try our best to keep a strong set of safety rules in check. We frown upon players who are "power hungry", in general. It's a long and very, very dry topic for discussion, but the gist of it is that every war, the it's the job of the organiser to make sure that every player's blasters meet the safety standards. That, or it's a stock-blaster war.

ME: What is the luckiest shot you’ve ever been able to pull off?

PSYK: Getting a clean hit from a stock Buzz Bee Tek 3!

ME: Lies, all lies.

PSYK: I kid you not. It was a huge 20 v 20 team death match game. I scored a hit, and almost immediately got shot in the head. Hahahaha.

ME: Have you ever come home from a way and found an extra blaster and thought "were did that come from"?

PSYK: Nope, never before. I've not lost a blaster, and I've not come home with an extra one before. That would be interesting though.
If it happened... I'd probably put it in an episode of PWND, share the story, and then promptly return it. LOL

ME: What’s the hardest mod project you’ve ever undertaken?

PSYK: Okay wait. Let me just get this off my chest

ME: Was it the “Damn you Hasbro, see what you made me do” mod?

PSYK: The MOST frustrating mod would be the "Damn you Habro, see what you made me do?" mod. But the hardest mod project... ever undertaken... would possibly be the "Fury Fire 2k" mod. The amount of tweaks I had to do for that mod... absolute madness.

ME: So I’m gonna mention some blasters, & I would like you to say the first word that comes into your head.. ok?


ME: Rapidstrike

PSYK: "Nice"

ME: Magnus


ME: Longhsot

PSYK: "Staple"

ME: Centurion

PSYK: "Shit"

ME: Revonix

"Huh?" (Seriously that was the first word)

ME: Pfft lol. Last one

PSYK: More, if you want. This is actually kinda fun

ME: Ok then

PSYK: 'Cos you've given me the "common" blasters, everyone's opinions are relatively the same. hahahaha

ME: Roughcut

PSYK: "Masterkey"

ME: Lanard “Boombstick”

PSYK: "Roughcut"



ME: Thought you’d like that one :P

PSYK: Hahahaha c'mon mate you can do better, hahahahahaha

ME: Longstrike

PSYK: "Sniper"

ME: Last one for real now…

PSYK: Sure

ME: Buzzbee Rapid Fire Tek

PSYK: "Meh."

ME: It is very meh isn’t it?

PSYK: Exactly. It's so meh, that I won't get one. Not even the slightest consideration. Sorry BuzzBee.

ME: I have one. It’s… ok

PSYK: I agree with your Open Letter. You guys can do much, much more.

ME: Yeah, we need the variety. Do you see yourself stopping Nerf anytime in the future?

PSYK: Honestly? Maybe not for the next... 2-3 years at least. I really don't know where life will take me, y'know? I'm juggling so many things at once right now. Family, friends, Dance, Music, Nerf

ME: Have you ever thrown a Nerf reference into your music?

PSYK: Never, actually. Not even once. I've thought about doing it but... thus far, there aren't any sounds that really relate to Nerf. You know what I mean? However, I do have a project in mind, that, if happens, is gonna be pretty... interesting, to say the least.

ME: It would be a challenge?

PSYK: For this? Not really. The challenge is finding a suitable "host" blaster hahahahaha

ME: So, what’s you most memorable Nerf moment?

PSYK: Hmm. When I received the RM kit. That has got to be one of the most memorable moments ever

ME: Like a kid in a candy store?

PSYK: Yeah, you know? They sent it over to me with no strings attached, and I didn't know what to expect. Opened it up and found nothing but pure quality. I'd never even dreamed of quality at such a scale, ever

ME: And now they’re dead… we’ll “Site Maintenance”

PSYK: Yeah now they're dead. But you know what I mean, right?

ME: What’s next for Psyk? What is the future of PWND?

PSYK: Honestly though, times have changed quite a bit for me. Life has changed, the biggest thing is that I don't have much time to mod as much as I used to. If you realised, lately, PWND has been filled with a lot of products not just blasters, but like interesting add-ons, kits, etc, mainly reviews on interesting finds, etc. I do wish I had time to mod more, so all I can do is to make sure that when I do mod something, it's gotta be of at least a certain standard. I'll still stick to PWND, it's the viewers and supporters (I don't like to call them 'fans') that keep me going
However, just a little preview,

ME: Did you get a girlfriend?

PSYK: I'll be adding another "segment" to the channel, it'll still be on PWND, but it'll be like a little... "sub category". It's gonna be pretty funny, I reckon. And hopefully this will get more of the NIC's participation, on my channel. It's coming up within the next couple of weeks. Unfortunately, no. I didn't get a girlfriend hahaha.

ME: Dangit

PSYK: Hahaha. Yeah, I know, right? LOL

ME: It’s been a pleasure chatting with you mate, I look forward to every episode of PWND, and even with the reduced time you have to spend on it, the quality is still high.

PSYK: What are you talking about bro? Thank YOU for having me on the blog! Thanks also always for the support on my videos, it really means a lot. You guys keep contributing what you have to the community, so I guess, my videos are the least that I can do. Keep doing what you do too, man. Welcome back, in full effect, to the Nerf game :)

ME: Keep being awesome bro!

PSYK: You too, bro. From a man to another, PEACE!

Psyk is one of my favorite Nerf guys on YouTube, I strongly recommend you give his channel a look.

~ Rob

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  1. Great interview, loved it :) pSyk is still the bomb :D


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