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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Losing our Generals

They were the biggest names in the hobby, but, now they're gone. And with their departure, there is a void that I don't think can be filled.


Coop's recent departure form the hobby got me thinking, what is happening to the heavy hitters in the NIC?

Urban Taggers was undoubtedly the Nerf blog to go to for news and reviews. Somehow getting the scoop before anyone else. Pocket had a writing style all of his own and did it for the readers. Then (for reasons unknown) on July 25, he closed up shop. He said he'd continue to maintain the FaceBook page but there haven't been any updates for several weeks now. I get the feeling, Pocket is out of it for good.

Coop recently announced his departure from the Nerf hobby for (again) reasons unknown to us. This guy was a mod guru on YouTube. A lot learned a lot from him (myself included). His departure leaves a large hole in the YouTube Nerf community.

Remedy Metal's contribution to the Nerf hobby was in it's all metal parts for Longshots. Welded steel components meant you could throw a 20Kg spring in there! There were other products too. However, for reasons, again, unknown. They've shut up shop. There was a "Site Maintenance" banner on their website until recently. Now, you'll get this...

Nerf Mods & Reviews never really was the same since Jerm left a few years ago (yup, reasons unknown). Jet, Bazookafied and Psyk among others, did their best to keep it running, but. Without someone running it full-time, it just couldn't cope with the loss. On the 10th of this month, It was decided to close the blog for good. It still remains a go-to place for mod guides though.

SG Nerf. This guy hasn't officially closed up, but, his posts are getting few and far between. His last post was a about Nerfmania dated 17th of October 2013. Don't ask me when the last mod guide or review he did was.

It's sad that they've left. There is no shortage of Nerf blogs or YouTube channels, but for one to stand out, it's kind of a full-time gig. It's partly the reason My Last Dart has achieved such success in a short amount of time, because he was able to dedicate a large amount of time to his blog. But now he's studying, as will I starting in March and I'll not have the same amount of time to spend on my blog. (I'm in no way saying my blog is as popular or as good as MLD's).

So if my posts become few and far between, you'll know it's because I'm studying. But what you really want to know is. What the hell are these "unknown reasons"!?!?! Because I'm asking the same thing.

~ Rob


  1. FYI SGNerf is still around, he more or less concentrates on mainland news and local events. I think he feels there are plenty of news blogs right now?

  2. Yeah, it is so scary that so many bloggers are dropping, If I had a partner who has the same nerf passion as me but can run a site and has good sources I would definitely run a blog, What I AM good at is speculation, reviews, discussion topics however I can't a site worth a damn and I don't have the intel you guys have to pick up on these so quickly.

  3. On the flip side of all this Nerf continues to grow, some of the traffic from these bloggers has moved to other places, look at the rise of Nerf Reddit, forum traffic continues to increase too. Maybe it's a sign of a growing community in that it doesn't need rallying points as much, there maybe more grassroots players and modders who have moved on from the first wave of NMR, UT and the others to do their own thing?

  4. I'm not entirely sure that any of what you've put above is a bad thing, I'm not long into this "hobby" and quite a bit of what I've read about certain people who are no longer contributing to the NIC weren't really worth listening to as their practices were terrible. Looking at some of Coops mods they look like a 7 year old has done them.

    When you're out of ideas move on and make room for the next gen of modders.

  5. RM went bankrupt after his machine shop screwed him over, just FYI.

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  7. Call it the circle of life, but I actually think it would be a surprise if many of these guys lasted any longer in the hobby than they did. People tend to find new interests, new careers and new responsibilities. And as noted, running a blog or similar site is nearly a full-time gig these days.

    But somebody had the way for newer sites like ours to exist, and we definitely owe those guys our gratitude.

    The exciting aspect of change is what comes next!

  8. The NIC was doing just fine before Youtube existed, before the blogs existed, before Reddit and before the Facebook groups, too. These things definitely enhance our hobby and I enjoy reading them, but you have to understand that they are very, very recent extensions of the NIC. The center has always been the forums, and we won't really be in trouble unless those close up shop.

    There will always be new blogs and new content to look forward to. They might not be as good as a place like UT, but give them a chance and eventually they might grow into something you like.

    So really, there is nothing to worry about.

  9. Robert nailed it. Where some sources fade, others flourish. It's a circle that continues due to the nature of this hobby. It's a kids toy. Sooner or later, folks grow up and move on and there's new fans every day that'll fill their shoes in time. When I got into things I was late to the game. Nerf Mods & Reviews, SG Nerf and Urban Taggers were the go-to places. Now there's a whole new set of blogs to check up on. Still getting great info!

  10. Sure, social media is fairly recent, but so is everything else online relative to how long Nerf itself has existed. These avenues just facilitate greater interactivity, so we see that as a good thing… particularly for those of us who grew up before the Internet, and remember what it’s like to have to just find other kids in the neighborhood! Speaking of which, we do take issue with the “sooner or later, folks grow up” and stop enjoying these “kids toys” idea… some of the people on our team are in their mid-30s (or nearing 40, in my case!), and we’re having more fun with it than ever… largely thanks to sites just like this!

  11. Im surprised they lasted as long as they did! Im on youtube Heavystarch and some of our younger duct tape hobbyist have some nasty attitudes! Evolution. Dont hate Gongratulate...80% of the time. Lol

  12. Coop came back from the dead. Maybe the others will come back to! We can always hope!


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