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Saturday, 18 January 2014

Mega Thunder Box... I mean Bow

Part of then fun of a 10 hour time difference is waking up on the morning to some news. But this morning... I was taken aback a little by the Mega Thunder Box... I mean Bow.


Last night My Last Dart gave us all a glimpse into the future of the Mega line with this.

Here are some things that bug me about this picture,

1. No apparent Tac Rail
2. No trigger
3. 5 Mega dart smart AR barrel looks sill
4. Seriously, where is that trigger?
6. How does it prime?
7. I left out 5

What we appear to have here is a Mega Triad that holds 5 darts with bows stuck on for cool points, I rather like the design of the bow arms... umm, that's it really.

I had a short chat to My Last Dart about this and we came to the same conclusion. This blaster doesn't feel right for Mega. It's got the hard lines of Mega and it's red, but still doesn't look right. Maybe because of the dicky 5 dart barrel.

Claimed range is 100 feet, I don't doubt that it can achieve this. But, can it from the bottom barrel?

Having a good look at the photos, this thing appears to prime using the top bow arm, which is good. Lever priming worked well for the Diatron didn't it? (That was sarcasm)

RRP for this... thing is US$39.99 and we can expect it to arrive in the USA during the Aussie spring.

I'm still not sure how to feel about this.

~ Rob


  1. My theory is that pulling back on the bowstring pulls back on the bow arms as well, which then prime it with some sort of gear system, maybe?

  2. that woulnt be far fetched, the centurion used gears.

  3. It's definitely wonky looking, and it doesn't go well with the rest of the mega line.


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