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Saturday, 4 January 2014

Moar Longstrikes, but why?

Pics have popped up on Baidu of some brand new Longstrikes complete with warning stickers after we were told that there would be no more N-Strike.

So here is the pic.

But whatever could it mean?

This photo come's from Baidu user Longtuoai, who is known for getting his hands on blasters before anyone else and is rumoured to work in one of the factories.

So after Hasbro announced there would be no more N-Strike we still got the "Elite" Havok Fire (Vulcan) on But that's a store exclusive, Argos paid money to Hasbro for that one. So what's the deal with the Longstrikes then. Well, I'll try to explain that with these pics:

So, these Longstrikes, I can come to several conclusions:

1. These are leftovers that "followed Longtuoai home"
2. These were made for a vendor and will be put into an "Elite" box retailer exclusive
3. These will go into an "Elite" box and be sold everywhere
4. These are personal leftovers that Longtuoai wants to get rid of (but who keeps the warning stickers on really?)

It looks as though we should be on the look out for Elite boxed Longstrikes maybe?

Let me know your thoughts below.

~ Rob


  1. Maybe the Longstrike was a ninja Elite blaster but like the others you listed - never official?

  2. I can't imagine these not at least getting a slight repaint if they're getting Elite packages but not ranges.

    1. I would imagine that the ranges would be slightly better just due to using elite darts. But you're right they would most likely have done a repaint.

  3. Why, oh why, not an Elite Longshot or, even better, an Elite Stampede?!? They're already all over the map backtracking on what they've said they will and won't do. Plus, Hasbro's already reworked previous launches. They've reshelled/retooled/repainted the:
    - Jolt (Jolt & Triad)
    - Vulcan (Havok Fire)
    - Barrel Break
    - Reflex
    - Raider (Rampage)
    - Recon (Retaliator)
    - Barricade (Stockade [cylinder] & Stryfe [mag])
    - Alpha Trooper (EAT)
    - Nite Finder (Firestrike)
    - Spectre (Elite Spectre)
    - Rayven
    - Maverick (Strongarm)

    Granted, some were serious upgrades from the original N-Strike inspirations and I am thoroughly enjoying the ones I've gotten my hands on. Hasbro has rocked out some gems over the past couple years and I'm not even discussing beauties in the other lines, but come on! Give us an Elite Longshot and/or Stampede.

    Btw, yes, I do own a Rapidstrike and am quite happy with its performance. It is the apparent successor, but as long as Hasbro's revamping, why not do the legends?

    1. why revamp what you have already completely upgraded/replaced, with the rapidstrike there is no place for the stampede, as for your elite longshot that's why they have the centurion and yes I know it isn't as good as hyped, I don't think they even have the molds for the longshot any more plus I believe if they upgraded the longstrike that would be fine as I think the longstrike looks better also if the havoc Vulcan is an argos exclusive does that mean we wont get it in Canada?

  4. The psuedo Elite Vulcan has weird packaging, the range claim is Elite standards, but the box says N-Strike. It looks to be a prototype or a fail box.


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