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Thursday, 30 January 2014

New blasters leaked on Brazillian website (?)

My Last Dart posted about these, there are more blasters on the site than he posted about, so I thought I'd show you all of them and give you my thoughts about them.


All the translations are done by Google by the way.

From what I can tell. This is called the Night Raid.

It's a girly Strongarm with what appears to be a Rebelle tac light on the tac rail. Now, in the translation, the word "Spy" appears, but, if you've ever been to Baidu, you'll know that the word "spy" appears a lot in relation to Nerf blasters.

This is either the "Messenger" or "Message Launcher".

Send secret messages to anyone you want! Comes with a pen for you to write with invisible ink secret messages! Use the reader to see the invisible messages!

Interesting this one. It looks like the pen goes in the handle and there are two barrels. One could be the dart chamber and the other could be the light to read the secret message. But if you ask me, there is nothing secret about pointing a purple toy gun at someone and shooting them. Others may notice that. Question, what kind of ammo is Hasbro going to make that fits a small bit of paper?

Diamondista (well, at least it's better than Dolphina)

The description simply says "Have fun in style". The round back leads me to think this is a hammer style prime and the squar barrel leads me to think this might be a disc launcher. We can't see the whole barrel, most likely because it's white. Note the purple molded plastic rhinestones.

Remember the rainbow Jolts I found on Baidu a few months back?

Welp. There they are.

Next is a recolour of the Agent Bow.

This gorgeous "bow arrow" will give you much precision and style during the action! Comes with arrows and assoviam reach farther! And even comes with electronic viewfinder, an arrow with a hidden message and reader!

So it looks as though you'll be able to stash messages inside the arrows huh? If people didn't notice a purple plastic toy gun, then they'll notice this. Also comes with a viewfinder to read the messages too.

Hulk disc launcher (not actually Nerf but we'll run with it)

This is like the Iron Man one, but Hulkier. I must've missed the part in the movies when Hulk had this.

Now this one.

This looks like a regular Attacknid with Nerf stickers bunged all over it. I don't think this is a Nerf thing. But we might see something like it from Nerf in the future.

What are you're impressions?
~ Rob

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  1. I think it's awesome that they're supporting the rebelle line with a great lineup of boasters. I think I read somewhere that the rebelle line has done really well for them. Can't wait for what 2014 brings us.


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