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Thursday, 16 January 2014

Open Mic Night: Nerf Derp

We are all guilty of this at some point. Now is you chance to confess and have your sins against the church of foam forgiven.


When have you Nerf derped? Don't say you never have, because that is a lie... we've all done it. At some point our minds have slipped, our concentration lapsed and... DERP!

Now is your chance to lift the weight off of your chest and put your mind at ease. I won't judge, I might giggle but won't judge, I'll leave the judging to the others.

In fairness, I'll go first. Watch my Roughcut review HERE. Good example of why you should read the instructions first. Another time, I tried to slamfire a Retaliator, once again, read the instructions first.

Now it's your turn. When have you Nerf derped?

~ Rob


  1. Tried to slam-fire an Elite Spectre. Needless to say, I had to get another. I figured it may have gotten other new features besides the upgrade in distance.

    1. I heard about that a few AFoN episodes back. Another reason not to buy the Elite Spectre

  2. Shot another kid in the face whilst trying to shoot my son, to remind them not to shoot at people with their specs off! Doh....

  3. Me and a mate got a couple of mavericks in and had a battle in our halls at uni, like derps we hadnt got any extra darts so after the battle and then a full 3 hours of shifting fridges cupboards and the like going out of our minds with one dart missing . . . . We found it! . . . . Still inside on of the mavericks haha

  4. Was carrying a Nitefinder in my bag just for fun... Right after class, a friend who knew I had it pulled it out and shot another friend. She ripped the blaster from his hands and handed it to me, saying, "Shoot him back because I'm afraid I'll miss and hit the professor!"

    Naturally, I miss and hit the professor.

    Best part, however: my professor, being awesome, slumped over on the podium without batting an eye.

  5. I was derping around with a Recon and (like a complete idiot) was looking down the barrel (the barrel extension was on). I (also like an idiot) had my finger on the trigger. 4 seconds later I was holding my eye and jumping like a maniac because my finger slipped and sent a streamline dart directly into my right eye.


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