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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Thunder Bow & Slingfire According to Jay

So you've probably read what I think about the Zombiestrike Slingfire and the Mega Thunder Bow. Now it's time to hear the opinion of someone who matters, my good mate Jay Nerf.

Jay after boing.

Hello all! My name is Jay!

I was asked by Rob to do an opinion piece on some of the new blasters, so here it is!

Let’s get the ball rolling right away and talk about two new blasters that will be making their debut this year; the Zombiestrike Slingfire and the Mega Thunder Bow.

First off, we have the Slingfire. This thing is modeled after the old Winchester rifle, and has a lever-action prime, something new for Nerf. I’d like to just state this right away: it’s about time.

Allow me to elaborate. I am a huge fan of clip-fed blasters, and up until now, the Zombiestrike line and the Rebelle line have both really let me down. This is not to say that I don’t like the either line, I’ve just been really disappointed. Enter the Slingfire, this thing looks very cool, and it’s clip fed!


The look of the blaster brings up a lot of questions and hypotheses about how it works, but I’m not going to bring any speculation to the table, as I don’t want to spread inaccurate information. All I will say is that it looks cool, it’s clip-fed and it’s a brand new design. I will definitely be purchasing this when it comes on to the market.

Next, we have the Mega Thunder Bow….


If Iron Man and Hawkeye had a baby, this is what it would look like.

I don’t like it.

Why? Well, I feel like the bow design is becoming the Jolt of the new Nerf products. I can imagine the R&D department at Nerf just deciding to slap bow arms on everything because why not? Everyone loves Hawkeye and Katniss Everdeen, right?

I think it’s boring and tired out. Nerf seems to be kicking a dead horse here with bow blasters.

Anyways, I’m going to assume that it’s a selective AR system, like in the Roughcut. And I’m going to assume that the top bow arm moves to prime the system. Then I’m going to assume that NO ONE will buy this, because it seems pretty useless, at least to me.

This thing is going to be priced at around $40 US Dollars, which is way too much for something that isn’t going to be viable in Nerf wars.

I was really hoping for something better from the Mega line, but I think Nerf dropped the ball on this one. Is there still hope for the Mega line? Who knows, the possibility of an automatic Mega blaster is still out there, but considering how expensive Mega darts are, it might be ridiculously overpriced.

We can only wait and see.

Thanks for reading guys!

~ Jay

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  1. I think the Thunderbow would've been cooler if they hadn't already made a buncha bows. Rebelle lineup is riddled with 'em, they just came out with the orange Bow thing for the normal Nerf line, and the Crossfire Bow (which isn't really even a bow) just came out too. Beating a dead horse!


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