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Friday, 24 January 2014

UK Nerf's London Toy Fair Adventures!

Much credit to UK Nerf for the info, so information, many thank you.


Lets Start with the Mega Thunder Box... I mean Bow.

According to the guys at UK Nerf, it's about one metre top to toe and light. As we speculated it is primed by pulling back on the string, that pulls back the top bow, this primes the blaster. There is no catch mechanism so as soon as you let go of the string, it fires. In my opinion, this blaster really needs a trigger!

Then there is the Zombie Strike Slingfire.

Same size and weight as a Sledgefire. It turns out this thing was designed to be used with one hand :) "Flick priming" works on this thing too. It seems that the Slingfire uses a geared system akin to the Roughcut. As I observed with the Slingfire, the lever is a tad on the flimsy side.

The main surprise for me was that I liked it. I didn't think I would but the one handed action of it made me feel all 'Terminator 2'. All I need now are your clothes, your boots and your motorcycle.

~ UK Nerf

Then he got to play with the Elite Demolisher... lucky *$^&*(@*#$*%$

He observed that it is about the size of a Rapidstrike albeit a little more "chunky". It is expectedlty front heavy. At this pint in time it is semi-auto, but, might make the transition to full-auto when full scale production starts later this year. The orange colour signifies Elite's new range of 85 feet. The missile launcher is pump to fire. No springs, no catches. so the range of the missile will be proportionate to the force applied to the pump. Good for adults, not so good for kids. It does go off with a nice pop though apparently.

The biggest let down is the 10 dart banana clip. As expected, only the straight part is used to store darts, the curvy bit is just cosmetic. FAIL FAIL FAIL! If this blaster gets the full-auto treatment, I hope they increase the capacity of the clip.

And the latest addition to the Rebelle line up, Agent Bow.

So the bows are fixed and don't flex. Power comes from the surgical tube like string. It's about one metre in height and and the "arrows" are 30cm in length. The trigger is for a red-dot-sight.

There was also a Secret Mystery Blaster that was under wraps.

UK Nerf describes it as large. And most likely Elite. Elite belt-fed? Unlikely. A belt fed blaster doesn't fit in with the Elite line in my opinion. And we have the Rapidstrike to replace the Stampede. My guess is, that it is an Elite sniper-like blaster (note, I said "sniper-like"). Most likely in orange to go with the new Elite range (85-100 feet). A sniper blaster is what has been missing from the Elite line up. The Centurion is technically Elite in the same way that Joan Rivers is technically human.

UK Nerf is lucky to attend such Toy Fairs and Shows. There is one in Melbourne this year during March, doesn't look likely that I'll get to attend though. And even if I did, what info would I get that we have't read already :(

~ Rob

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