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Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Worst Blaster of 2013

With every Nerf blog out there asking for your opinion of the best blaster, I wanna hear what you think was the worst!

Ok, so lets get this out of the way first. Centurion. To avoid the mountain of reposts, double-posts and sideways posts. Centurion is excluded.

So, here are the contenders:

Hammershot/Sweet Revenge (if you mention this, bear in mind, BFU from Bay Area Nerf will find out where you live and kill your cat)
Mega Magnus (if you mention this, bear in mind, I will find out where you live and kill your cat)
Guardian Crossbow
Pink Crush
Heartbreaker Bow
Elite Alpha Trooper (there will be a horde of EAT fanbois wanting your blood if you mention this)
Elite Spectre
Elite Rayven
Sneak Attacker
Revonix 360 (got a feeling this one might get a few votes)
Blazin' Bow

2013 was a big year for Nerf, it will be interesting to see what Hasbro does to try and top it this year!

Leave your comments below and a reason as to why you think it was the worst (excluding the Centurion).

~ Rob


  1. I think we can all agree that the Hammershot/Sweet Revenge are easily among the BEST blasters of 2013

  2. It's a toss-up between the Hailfire and Heartbreaker Bow

    1. no way.have you ever used a revonix?

  3. Couldn't decide, so I'm stuck on the Hailfire and Diatron. Hailfire is just a clunky mess. The Diatron's prime is awkward and it's too fat/bulky to really be used as a sidearm or anything. I don't own any Rebelle blasters, so I can't vouch for those.

    1. But... it's like having 6 Stryfes, that's good isn't it?

  4. Ill say out of the ones I have and tried...The Hammershot........LOL Just kidding (Heal B.F.U. Heal!!!) but seriously The Diatron was a waste of $ thats my pick.

  5. Out of the ones I purchased...Gotta go with Diatron. I liked the whole Dead Space-ish look...but I feel like I'll snap off the priming bar. (Also find that repainted Barrel Break a disappointment, but it isn't a choice

  6. By the way, you included 2012 blasters, they should be removed from the list. the strongarm, firestrike, hailfire, stryfe, triad, roughcut and Elite rayven are all 2012 blasters(fall to winter). At least that was the american release dates which I consider overall the release date is when the blaster is officially released regardless of location. That makes the stockade a 2012 blaster while only coming out in 2013 in the USA.

    Instead of the Elite ravyen you can put the stinger rayven which in my opinion is worth more than the elite rayven.

    With that out of the way, I think the worst blasters of 2013 are Diatron and heartbreaker bow. The diatron is terrible and useless and clunkly, the heartbreaker bow has a stupid internal design with pathetic range.

  7. I was sooooooo bitterly disappointed with the performance of the (Aussie) Mega Magnus. I had imagined waving it about, quoting Dirty Harry about how it was 'the most powerful hand blaster in the world...', but it failed to impress.


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