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Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Zombiestrike Slingfire... my two cents

Well, it would appear as though the rumors about a Zombiestrike Winchester style blaster were true, more after boing.

The Internerf was a buzz this morning when Hasbro announced this...

The Zombiestrike Slingfire. Now look at it... really squint. Look, I dunno, familiar?

So Hasbro took BuzzBee to court for copying their desings. So... Hasbro is copying BuzzBee back? I think Hasbro's execution of the lever prime will no doubt be an improvement, but, credit where credit's due. The Slingfire looks better and it uses clips (the first Zombiestrike blaster to do so) the stock looks the part and the rest of the blaster at least looks as though it was meant for the Zombistrike line... doesn't it?

I inspected the photo and noticed the tac rail on the top of the blaster was an Elite one, not akin to what we've seen in the Sledgfire and Hammershot. The jam door looks like it's from a Rayven too. There is an absence of curves on this blaster unlike the curvy (junk-punk) designs of the Hammershot and Sledgefire. It's quite... square, almost... Elite.

So, did Hasbro do it again? Did they take an Elite blaster and just colour it green like the Sidestrike and Crossfire Bow?

After the backlash, did they not learn and do it again? I would say... it's likely because look at this.

The only elements I removed from the molding were the faux tape from the fore grip and the rear grip.

It doesn't look out of place does it? (And before you ask, I kept the shoulder stock brown because if it were blue, white, grey or orange, it wouldn't suit the shape of the stock) There are some other things that bug me too, the priming lever. BuzzBee's is die-cast metal, nice and strong. The Slingfire's looks like it's plastic, and if that's the case, this bit here could be the weak link in the chain.

There is also a lot of shell for what looks to be a lever action Retaliator. And it comes with an orange clip... not green or brown? A 6 dart clip too no less, who uses those anymore! And there better be storage for an additional clip in the stock too! It would be a massive waste of space if there weren't. AND, the stock doesn't look adjustable, going by the dimensions in the photo too, it doesn't look like a well sized one. Slamfire, why bother when your priming with your shooting hand?

So positives, it has a breech and takes clips, so modders might enjoy this one. But it would appear as though Hasbro are making the same mistakes. I want Zombiestrike to have it's own look! I thought the Elite refresh was going to be orange, not green!

What do you think?

~ Rob.


  1. I'm looking foreword to it. I don't have "great" expectations but still, it definitely looks interesting. The priming will want to be strong especially for modders, A spring upgrade would probably see that snapping my guess would be.

  2. From the available angle, there is no mag-holder in the stock, which I'm not likely to keep. (the stock)
    The barrel should be a bit longer, but all in all, it's sweet.
    Cowboy up with the Hammershot


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