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Friday, 21 February 2014

"Elite" Longstrike mod.

This was a fun mod. The pay off was a Longstrike with the performance of a Retaliator with an Orange Mod Works 5kg spring :)


First thing to do is buy a Longstrike then a Retaliator then an Orange Mod Works Retaliator spring of your power preference.

Take the blasters apart.

You'll need the plunger tube, plunger, dart chamber and trigger catch (and its spring) from the Retaliator. You will not need the bolt sled so take that off of the dart chamber. Keep the plunger spring unless you have a replacement.

In the Longstrike we want the chuck the plunger tube and relish in how good that felt... mmmm, dem feels. Then take out the trigger catch and it's spring and hang on to them. Take out the plunger's spring seating and the plunger's spring (never throw away a spring).

There is a guide rail on both sides of the blaster shell where the plunger tube goes.

There are two pegs on either side of the Retaliator's plunger tube that will fit in there nicely. It will move a bit, here is how to fix it. Do it to both sides of the shell.

The plastic used in the stopper was cut form the Longstrike's trigger catch.

Inside the guides for the trigger catch, we'll need to lay some plastic strips to compensate for the more narrow Retaliator trigger catch. Good thing for us is the Longstrike's trigger catch has such strips. Cut down the Longstrike's trigger catch leaving just the side edges.

Hot glue the sides of the trigger catch into the guides on both sides of the shell.

Then remove the bottom of the trigger catch guides allowing the trigger catch to descend further and catch on the plunger better. After doing this the catch will rest on the trigger itself.

Now you'll want to put a blob of hot glue in the top of the blaster where the trigger catch spring sits. This is to keep the trigger catch spring straight during use. Allow it to cool a bit and use a flat head screw driver to mould a flat inner edge.

The take the spring seating and halve it in this fashion.

Now take a 20mm PVC coupler and some 20mm PVC. You want to cut the PVC so that it sits just inside the shell (I didn't measure this, sorry, but shouldn't be too hard to figure out). The cut off a 5mm section of the PVC coupler and slide it over the other end of the 20mm PVC.

Now using the cut down spring seating to hold everything in. Put the PVC into the Longstrike thus. Paying close attention to the shell, there is are two bumps in which the 5mm section of coupler will sit nicely between.

Now take the Retaliator's plunger tube and carve off the orange ring that is meant to prevent the plunger from coming out.

Using a pointy implement gently push out the pin that holds the Longstrike's bolt sled and dart chamber together, allowing the two to come apart. Now you'll want to cut some plastic off the end of the priming bold end of it.

Now the tricky bit. Cut the Longstrike's and Retaliator's dart chambers. Use the front of the Longstrike's but the rear of the Retaliator's. Keep trimming them down untill the length is perfect, for me it was this long. Use your adhesive of choice to hole them together. For extra strength, I used some plastic tube that fit nicely inside the seams.

But, you may need a different length, so measure measure measure!

Now add the spring, trigger catch, plunger rod and plunger tube. Be sure to lube the sides of the trigger catch and the rails for the bolt sled the plunger tube and the top side of the trigger piece.

Then add the jam door.

Now put the blaster back together. When you prime, you can still tell by looking into the slot at the back.

All of my PVC and dart chamber cutting was done with one of these.

I strongly suggest you get one before doing this mod.

There are some other things that I've not added to this guide like AR removal or teflon taping the plunger head but those are a pretty standard thing to do these days.

~ Rob


  1. Aaaaand now you've just gotta paint it like an Elite blaster! Excellent writeup and mod, Rob!

  2. I think blaster parts or one fo the other groups already has this up.

    1. Probably, I've been wanting to do this for a while now but I've been procrastinating.

  3. Any range quotes after the mod? Been searching for a direct plunger mod for the Lstk for a while now, even thought of attempting an angel breech-like mod with a DP using LS parts but nowhere to inspire from, and i only got kne lstk...

    If ranges are good i might use this one instead!

  4. I did it but it didnt work im pretty frustrated any way you can help?

  5. Worked marvelously and so much more satisfying than stock with 7KG worker spring. Thank you so much for this guide!


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