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Friday, 14 February 2014

K-Mart Australia Removes Vortex From Website

After a redo of the Nerf search results on their website, Vortex has vanished from K-Mart's website.

More after Boing.

Firstly I'd like to apologise for the lack of posts recently. Due to the security crackdown at the Nerf factory in China, there have been no Baidu or Taobao leaks. Good news is though, I have more time to do mods now (coming soon, Retaliator powered Longstrike mod guide).

So here's an interesting occurrence. K-Mart Australia has renewed the look of the Nerf search results in their website but Vortex is nowhere to be seen. And the icon for the "Ammo & Extras" section features Mega and Elite darts but no discs.

I know it has appeared their before, but now it's gone. So does this mean:
1. K-Mart will no longer stock Vortex saving the shelf space for Rebelle ("coming soon")
2. Hasbro Aust are no longer pushing the Vortex line in the big brown country

Who knows. But, K-Mart Australia's range of Nerf things has never been too great compared to competitor Big-W, Target or Mr Toys Toyworld.

K-Mart Australia I've noticed have never really dedicated too much shelf space to the brand. Big-W usually have a bigger variety with slightly better prices and Mr Toys Toyworld (while expensive) has a good range depending on the size of the store. So I'm inclined to think that K-Mart simply don't want to sell Vortex anymore.

But if in the off chance Hasbro Aust aren't pushing Vortex anymore, I will be a little sad and so will my son. We both like Vortex and for indoor wars where ricochets count as a hit, they are quite handy for shooting around corners.

What are your thoughts? K-Mart shunning Vortex to make room for Rebelle or is Vortex being phased out down-under?

~ Rob


  1. I heard they've discontinued vortex in the UK so maybe its just not popular enough, what a shame, i love my Pyragon... others should give it a trry before its too late.

  2. On another note the k-mart where i live often has a lot more nerf than other stores around, BigW often has very little and target usually has nothing but Alpha Troopers.


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