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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

New Nerf at New York (part one)

Since the abrupt halt of information from Baidu and Taobao, there has been not much for us bloggers to go on. Then the big toy fair starts and then we're all flooded with more information than what we know what to do with. So. Instead of covering all the blasters that have yet to grace store shelves. I'll just give you my opinion of the ones we've not seen before.

Here comes the boing.

I'll start with Rebelle.

It would appear that Rebelle is getting it's first sub-line. Secrets and Spies. This comes from the ability to shoot messages in the darts written in an invisible ink. I special light is needed to read the messages. It's a novel feature. But I'll remain the skeptic. In an age when any kid over the age of foetus is being given a smartphone, I think the ability to send messages via foam dart is moot.

Andu Nerf created a brilliant blaster by integrating a Triad into a Firestrike. What has happened is a convergence of ideas because Hasbro have released the Messenger.

I really want to see an Elite version with filled handles, because I'm not a fan of the "skeleton handle".

Then there is the Rebelle "Strongarm", the Spylight and the one handed crossbow, the Diamondista (really? out of all the "work-in-progress" names they had, that's the one that won?)

It would appear that the dart is propelled by the string in the Diamondista, which is new. I wonder if it will pay off? I predict many a damaged dart from this.

Also shown in a promo display, is a clip fed Rebelle "Stryfe" I'm going to call Stryfanie. There was speculation about whether this was a Mega blaster or not due to the design of the clip. When recording my YouTube show yesterday I said I don't think it's Mega because the clip doesn't look big enough in the model's hand. And I was right.

Unlike the Rebelle blasters we have already, it appears the Secrets and Spies line will have a gloss finished and not textured.

And it looks like there will be spare arrows for the Secret Agent Bow too.

Now Zombie Strike and Mega.

We've seen the Doublestrike and Slingfire before, but this video makes me want a Slingfire a lot more than I did before.

VID: The Toy Spy

And there is also a demo of the Thunder Bow too.

VID: The Toy Spy

And onto Elite. So, we've seen the Demolisher, white Roughcut, orange Stryfe and the white Cam ECS 12. But it would appear as though more of the existing Elite line will be getting a make over in 2014. In this pic from Dan Porsa...

We see a white Retaliator,

a white Triad,

an orange Firestrike,

and the Cam ECS 12 open type box

There is also a white Strongarm hiding away in the top right corner better seen in this photo from The Toy Spy,

And the new (but not unexpected) addition, Nerf Elite Attacknids,

It does say Elite on the box, but, will these get 75 feet? Maybe. To my recollection, the original Attacknids had hit detection. Which is cool. These would be mad fun inside the house. I would love to see these painted in team colours for robot Nerf wars. Nothing that you couldn't have done with them before though.

These pics are from Gizmodo,

Hoping the production controllers will be better that this one.

That's it for now, Part 2 will be up tomorrow as I think this post is long enough.

~ Rob

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