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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

New Nerf at New York (part two)

So in this part. It's not really Nerf, but, items being marketed as "From the makers of Nerf" and a Tek Recon as well.


With the impending Guardian of the Galaxy movie, Hasbro (who makes a lot of Marvel toys in-case you haven't noticed) have come out with a couple Star Lord blasters

These are not Nerf products but are "From the makers of Nerf". I don't expect this to perform too well if the Captain America shield is anything to go by.

It does look cool though with the dry-brushing though I will give it that. I do like the Quad-blaster more than the Battle gear to be honest.

And while we're talking about licenses, Star Wars. Yup, Hasbro's offering to the fanbois this year is the Rebel Blaster that looks like it's from a cartoon.

This doesn't look like it fires darts to me. It might, but where is the primer? It might be the shoulder stock, push it down and pull it back up again? And that barrel is big too. Some form of Mega dart maybe?

It's a single fire blaster if it does shoot darts though.

Now this blaster was announced before the New York Toy Fair but it did make an appearance. The Tek Recon Predator.

This is by far the best looking blaster so far. Say what you will about Tek Recon's ammo, you can't deny their blasters look awesome! This is the very epitome of "tacticool", irons sights, tac light, reflex sight, you name it, it's got it! Range is supposed to be 100 feet but my biggest beef with Tek Recon is the ammo. And I'm just poo-pooing the ammo without any experience with them. I shot my son from the other side of the room once and he didn't notice, that can be a problem.

"I shot you!"

"No you didn't!"



Yeah that.

Now this looks very interesting.

So how it works is. The darts have a chip in them and the screen detect hits. There are lifebars that reduce with each hit and a score counter.

Time to be the skeptic about this.

There are only 10 darts with each shield, will there be more sold in packs of say 20? And what about dart accuracy? That shield isn't too big, might be hard to hit. And the darts themselves, the animation has the chip in the foam, what about the dart peg?? And who has their blaster raised and ready to fire during a whole game? There is more I could say, but, I'll just give you the link HERE and let you ask the questions. I do like where this is going though, maybe a vest in the future? Who knows?

What's your thoughts?

~ Rob


  1. I'll never understand why they keep putting multiple tac rails on guns but my options for tac attachments are so few.

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