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Monday, 10 February 2014

REVIEW: Zombiestrike Crossfire Bow and Fusefire

I'm too lazy to write up two separate reviews, so here's two in one.

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I'll start with the Crossfire Bow.

Firstly, it looks cool. I don't think crossbows ever stopped being cool but thanks to a certain Mr Dickson, they are cooler than ever. Unfortunately it's downhill from there.

The range is on par with the Roughcut in my experience and the smart ARs do their job nicely. However, priming the blaster, while keeping with the crossbow feel, is cumbersome and will inhibit your ROF (Rate Of Fire). The hand guard is too small for me and my gorilla hands but other Blasterfarians have not complained. This is however a kids toy.

The plastic is textured all over and the strap attachment points are located under the pistol grip and at the front of the hand guard. There is an iron sight but it's only use is to give you a rough idea of the direction you're pointing the blaster. Hopefully this is an isolated case, but the priming stalk on my Crossfire was scratched, scuffed and dented.

There was also some paint problems on the handle too. The plastic is of Hasbro's high quality standard that we're used to as well. On the plastic too. Hasbro are telling us that the cost of plastic is going up, but they still wasted some on the bow and the hand guard.

I wanted to like this blaster, I really did. But it just can't compare to the Roughcut, it's better in the following fields:
- everything

The Roughtcut is the same price, holds more darts, has slam-fire, better ergonomics, pump action, more comfy, better profile (thinner) and has shotgun bad-arsery built in. The Crossfire Bow has none of those. Yes you can take the bow off to make it thinner but then it's not a crossbow anymore, you might as well have bought a Roughcut in the first place.

Sadly, the only thing the Crossfire Bow does successfully is look good on a shelf... that's it.

1. looks good

1. only holds 4 darts (Roughcut holds 8 for the same price)
2. more practical without the bow (so what's the point then)
3. worse value than the Roughcut

*REMOVED* (reason: isolated to this unit and not representative of the product in general)

5. dumb priming method
6. derpy hand guard

I can't recommend buying this blaster unless crossbows are your thing.

EDIT: When I notified Hasbro Aust of the quality issues with this particular unit, they were very quick to send another. I thoroughly inspected the new unit and it was fault free.

Now The Fusefire.

This is a weighty little thing. In fact, it's heavier than the Crossfire Bow. And like the Crossfire Bow, it's looks cool. But unlike the Crossfire Bow, I like it.

There is a nice metallic effect in the orange plastic and the orange on gun grey looks good. The brown inlay on the handle does look a little out of place though. Holds ten discs in total (5 in the mag, 5 in the holder under the barrel) but you only get 5 in the pack.

The blaster takes three AAA sized batteries in the handle and they power the green LEDs in the tac rail and the (I think) UV LEDs inside the mag. With the lights out, this blaster looks sweet, but, in the dark, I don't want a bright green beacon showing all the zombies where I am. Like I'd be fighting zombies at night anyway.

Handle is nice and comfy and I notice the textured surfaces are quite rough too, and unlike the Crossfire, no quality issues. This is a solidly made blaster too.

loading the blaster is easy enough. To prime, pull the primer back via the ring all the way out and let go, then pull the trigger. The discs are accurate to about 8 metres, sometimes further. It doesn't perform as well as a Pyragon, but that's to be expected. But for a Vortex pistol, it's ok.

The handle is nice and comfy and there is a strap attachment point under it. Despite it's bulk, I like this blaster. If I had to nit-pick. The on/off switch for the LEDs is in a bad spot, especially if you're a righty.

I like the Fusefire more than the Crossfire but as far as Vortex sidearms go, it's a bit chunky. I really do like the Fusefire as too does my Vortex loving son.

1. looks good
2. 5 disc internal mag
3. LED coolness
4. comfy
5. space for extra 5 in front

1. only comes with 5 discs
2. on/off switch in bad spot
3. chunky for a sidearm

~ Rob

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  1. I would have to agree, the crossfire bow would have been better if it was a zombiestrike version of the guardian crossbow, the fusefire I think if you are going an entirely vortex using loadout for HvZ is the best thing you can carry, 5 at the front, 5 in the top, 1 in chamber and the ability to reload on the fly.


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