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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Rise of the independents

A few weeks ago now, Xplorer announce they/he would be making his own blaster. From the ground up, scratch, drawn on a napkin while at a pub, blaster. Then, not to be out done, Orange Mod Works announces that they're doing the same. My head almost split in two from the giant grin on my face. But, then I started to think seriously about this, and I probably shouldn't have.

More after boing.

I'll start with the Xplorer Xeliminator first.

So far it's just a prototype, but in the video below, you can see that this thing shoot far. VERY far.

No word on price yet, but knowing Xplorer, it'll be pricey. Very pricey. I hope it's not too expensive though, then no-one would buy it, which would be a shame really. In my opinion, it still needs a trigger guard and a carry handle. Hopefully, this will come with a variety of springs that will make this safe for 120FPS limited games and will be capable of taking stock darts for all those stock ammo based games that go on. This is a nice looking blaster but there is no word on release date... yet.

Then there is the new blaster from Orange Mod Works that could look like any one of these.

The design with the most votes wins. At the moment they look like clip fed blasters based on a similar design to the Retaliator. These are likely to be cheaper than Xplorer's offering. No word if these will work with Nerf clips though (I would say it's highly likely), but, if they don't we will have these.

Yup, OMW is making clips now. And to go with them, clip holders.

Now, I love these clips. They look good and have an attachment point for a carabiner which is something Nerf clips have been missing since day one. I also think the designs of OMW's blasters are amazing! Dunno 'bout the black though. I have heard that these will be made in HvZ friendly colours, whether that's true or not remains to be seen.

I just hope Xplorer and OMW pick their price point carefully. Because if the price is too high it can kill the blaster before it's even been released. But having said that. A blaster that has been made from scratch buy a company that exists to increase the performance of other blasters sound like a good idea to me. What about you?

~ Rob


  1. I voted for A on the OMW poll. I expect the Explorer gun will most likely be $80+ atleast. Hopefully with OMW though we'll only see maybe $40, which in my opinion wouldn't be too bad considering you wouldn't have to mod it out of the gate.

  2. ehh its leaning towards b and i voted for b it looks the coolest to me


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