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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Nerf Elite revamp colours explained & Super Soaker reboot Aussie release info.

This is my first news post in a while thanks largely to the abrupt halt of info coming from China. But Hasbro Australia were nice enough to send me some info explaining the purpose behind the orange and white of the Elite reboot and when we can expect the new Super Soakers here in Australia.

With the refresh of the Elite line-up, there are also colour changes. Some blasters are now white, and some orange. And there has been no shortage of theories behind the different colours:
- White means secondary and orange is primary
- White means plunger and orange means flywheel
- Orange means single shot and orange means semi-auto/full-auto
- Orange means new Elite 80+foot range and white means 75 foot range

Well I can now tell you, which one is correct... none of them. Confirmed from Hasbro Aust, there is no colour coding in the Elite revamp, they just picked a blaster and decided if it would look better in orange or white, that's it.

Now onto the Super Soaker reboot:

We can expect these on store shelves towards the Aussie summer (makes sense to me). I'm liking the colours, reminds me of the brightly coloured Super Soakers of old, but, there is one thing that concerns me, absence of triggers. There is one with a trigger but if you look you can see a battery hatch in the front. If Nerf completely drops pressurised water blasters I will be upset. The air pump is what the Super Soaker was founded on. Pump it up and a continuous stream of water when you pull the trigger. But all of these appear to be pump-to-fire type squirters.

We're also seeing Rebelle versions of the Super Soaker Alpha Fire too called the Mini Mission (name fail):

(I still think "Secret Soakage" sounds like incontinence)

Available in a 6 pack from the Hasbro online toy store HERE for US$28.99.

And the Alpha Fire reshells don't stop there, because there is also the new (and I mean old) ZipFire:

Also available in a 6 pack but for US$16.99, that's quite the price gap. Have a look for yourself HERE.

Nothing special about these two, don't get excited about the triggers. It's squeeze trigger to fire in these.

I'm not too pleased about the new direction for the Super Soaker line. I want air pumps dammit! None of this pump-firing, because I like to have water battles with my kids and they can't pump the blasters as hard as I and would like the game to be fun for them too. What do you think then? What is your opinion on the new wave (pun intended) of Super Soakers?

~ Rob


  1. I am totaly with you on the air pump version of the Super Soaker line. Bring them back!!!

  2. yeah i figured the colors were just chosen because, the orange stryfe and white roughcut aren't any better.

  3. Super Suckage once again.
    I am still sceptical about the "80ft" Elite claims, I can't see how that is doable within EU and AUS crappy toy regs, thus even if it's not "American" measuring, we won't get it anyway.

  4. I kind of feel left out because I live in the north of North Brisbane. :(


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