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Friday, 14 March 2014

REVIEW: Nerf Dart Tag Sharp Shot

Once in a while, you come across a blaster that takes you by surprise, the Sharp Shot is one of those blasters.

So on my way to work I walk past a Target, sometimes I'll drop in to see if anything is on sale. On one occasion they were clearing out their Dart Tag stuff and sitting on the shelf all on it's own in need of a good home was a Sharp Shot for just $4.

Originally bought it with the intent of stripping it for parts, mainly the spring, as this was a blue trigger version. But I though it would be good material for a review since it was new and in-box.

The first thing I noticed was how nice this was to hold. It's a very comfy blaster and is well weighted. The primer on the top of the blaster is a welcome change from the priming stalk of the Nitefinder and the Firestrike. The slide makes priming much more pleasant if you ask me.

The whole blaster looks good, the shape anyway, I'm not really a fan of the amber Hasbro insisted on colouring these. But the shape I like.

There is storage in the front for an addition 3 darts. Plus one in the pipe makes 4 in total, hence the number 4 embossed on the side.

The plastic is the same quality stuff that Hasbro has always provided us with and the blaster feels nice and solid as a result. The fact that is has a reverse plunger is moot because this is a barrel loading blaster and there is little to no dead space. Despite the stronger spring (blue triggers have a stronger spring) this blaster is easy to prime.

The blaster comes with 4 tagger darts but in my testing the blaster works better with Elites. I have an indoor "firing range", the distance from the fridge n my kitchen to the wall on the other side of my house is 35 feet, and the Sharp Shot was bouncing darts of the other side of the house with some force behind them still.

The Sharp Shot comes with a "quick release belt clip", it works, but it always feels as though it's going to break. I quite like the thin iron sight too, it's almost... practical. Oh, and there is a strap anchor on the bottom of the handle too.

The barrel has a tapered entry allowing for faster dart insertion, this is needed for Dart Tag matches. If you can find one of these, I would suggest picking one up, it's a powerful, comfy blaster that's easy to load and comes with a belt clip.

1. comfy
2. powerful
3. tapered muzzle makes reloading easier
4. slide-style primer
5. comes with belt clip
6. hold additional 3 darts
7. it was only $4 (well it was marked at $5 but there was a 20% off sale)

1. that yucky Dart Tag amber colour
2. reverse type plunger might limit mod potential
3. belt clip feels like it'll break

~ Rob


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