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Sunday, 16 March 2014

REVIEW: Super Soaker Hydro Fury

Now that the months in Australia are getting cooler Super Soakers are getting cheaper here. And as most of my readers/viewers are in the northern hemisphere where it's starting to get warm, it kinda balances things out. So I've decided to review some Super Soaker stuff because it's getting cheaper and because it's Nerf too ya know.

Before I continue, I should point out that the Super Soaker line is getting a makeover at the moment and it is as yet unknown as to whether the Hydro Fury will make the cut. But as it's a pressurised Super Soaker, I'm hoping it does.

While small the Hydro Fury is able to keep up with larger blasters in terms of performance due to the fact that it is pressurised. The design of the Hydro Fury is odd to say the least.

It's a good thing the Hydro Fury has a strap anchor because I don't have any pants that have a triangular pocket. Or perhaps it was designed by an alien race which has just two fingers.

Despite the oddities with this blaster there are a few things that I like. I like how the nozzle is angled upward slightly when you hold the blaster parallel to ground (PTG) thus increasing range and I like how it HAS AN AIR PUMP! You know, those things that the whole Super Soaker brand was FOUNDED ON!!!

OK, got that out of my system, moving on.

It takes about 5-10 pumps for the Hydro Fury to be ready to go and there are no leaks to, which would be bad, because water is your ammo. The angled reservoir is a good idea too, because it gravity feeds the nozzle removing the need for an intake hose like in the Super Soakers of old (think Super Soaker 50).

Capacity is good for such a small water blaster, better than the Micro Burst and Flash Blast. And the bonus of a steady stream is good. For some reason, the Hydro Fury reminds me of the Super Soaker 20 Pocket that I had when I was a lad (and no, I do not have it any more).

On the whole, the Hydro Fury is a quirky, difficult to hold water squirting triangle that won't fit into any pocket from this dimension but does have an air pump. And that's all I really care about.

2. strap anchor
4. angled reservoir
6. good capacity for a small blaster
7. doesn't leak
8. oh yeah... AIR PUMP!

1. difficult to hold
2. won't fit in any pocket

* the cons don't matter because it has an air pump*

~ Rob


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