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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

REVIEW: Super Soaker Micro Burst

Continuing with the Super Soaker thing, I recently bought a Micro Burst too. I've avoided Super Soakers since they've almost stopped making the air pressure powered ones, but as it was only $4 I decided to give it a chance.

While small, the Micro Bust is capable of some fairly impressive ranges for a small squirter... in the right hands that is. It's a pump-to-fire blaster that will fit nicely into a pocket and would make a good last resort blaster for a wet war.

The handle is comfy despite my gorilla hands, the blaster is nice and light and the fore grip is reasonably comfy for the size. The biggest problem with this blaster is that the range is completely dependent on how hard you pump the fore-grip. I was able to get some distance with it but in the hands of a child (this is a toy after all) they might play with it once and just put it away somewhere and forget about it. With my original Super Soaker 50 and 20 (when I was a kid) myself and my younger brothers all competed on a level playing field because air pumps.

There is a strap anchor on the back and the plastic is the same quality stuff that you'd expect from Hasbro. There is no tac rail but the Micro Burst doesn't need one. The main problem with this blaster is capacity, 4-5 good pumps and you're out! Yes the Triad has 3 shots before you're dry, but there is a lot of wasted space in the Micro Burst I think could be used.

On the whole, the Micro Burst is a comfy blaster, but falls far from the Hydro Fury's performance and capacity. It also leaks (well mine did), to stop this I had to screw the lid on extra tight and heard a "click" when I did, not sure if it was a good or bad click, but no other Super Soaker I have clicks.

1. convenient size
2. comfy

1. low capacity
2. range is dependent on force applied to the pumping action
3. pretty sure I broke the lid in order to stop it from leaking
4. you'd be better off getting a Point Break

~ Rob


  1. I integrated one onto a retaliator barrel extension for kicks. Makes for a fun under barrel surprise burst, if folks you play with aren't totally opposed to such shenanigans.

  2. I like mine alot for surprises but the capacity SUUCKS i want to find a CPS 2000 apparently they are the most powerful water blaster ever made with a big capacity to boot.


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