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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

REVIEW: X-shot X-cel Turbo Fire

This review has been a long time coming and I'd like to apologise to Zuru Toys who were kind enough to send me the Turbo Fire many months ago.

So without any further a dew
Here is the review
Of the X-shot Turbofire
Made by Zuru (that rhymes)

I try to find good alternatives to Nerf blasters whenever I can but unfortunately they are few and far between (just look at some of my cheap blaster reviews on my YouTube channel). But with rumors going around about how Buzz Bee is an ant's fart away from filing for bankruptcy, I think Zuru Toys might have the goods to fill up the number 2 spot.

The Turbo Fire has an integrated twenty dart drum that will advance when the blaster is primed by the pump-action fore grip. And it's a good sized fore grip at that. The shoulder stock... not so much, I get that these are designed for kids but a little extra length in the stock wouldn't have gone astray.

The Turbo Fire has a large bore barrel which will aide in reducing barrel drag and thanks to the fantastic X-cel darts, the shots are quite accurate and are fast becoming my favorite darts to use in stock blasters (tried them in my modded Rampage and Longshot and they do fishtail a fair bit).

Priming the blaster is smooth and easy and the pistol grip is comfy. The plastic doesn't feel as rigid as the Hasbro stuff but is solid enough for dart blaster applications. The blaster doesn't quite perform as well as Hasbro's Nerf Elite, but, is no slouch at the same time.

The twenty dart drum does take time to reload but because of the way it's designed, you can reload on the fly. However, as the Nerf branded darts are the norm for battles/wars and HvZ, scrounging ammo off of the ground will cause headaches as the Xcel darts are shorter and as a result, Nerf sized darts will not fit into the blaster. I know I shouldn't be penalising the blaster for this, but spare Nerf darts are much easier to come by than spare Xcel darts. If the Turbo Fire could take Nerf length darts, it might increase sales and make buying spare ammo a lot easier.

While the blaster is easy to use and comfy to hold. There is one thing that I find very inconvenient, the mass of useless plastic on top of the blaster. It obstructs my sight when trying to aim and as a result, most of my shots were off the mark.

There are also no strap anchors on this baster nor is there any storage for additional darts but I think twenty is a good number. The blaster looks a bit like a sci-fi Thompson (Tommy Gun) with a drum.

On the whole, this is a nice blaster with good power, is comfy to use and thanks to the Xcel darts is quite accurate. Capacity is good too.

1. 20 dart capacity
2. comfy
3. accurate
4. good power
5. pump action
6. large bore barrel reduces barrel drag

1. will not take standard darts
2. extra plastic on the top make aiming difficult
3. no strap anchors
4. short shoulder stock
5. availability of spare darts

The X-shot X-cel stuff is now making an appearance in Kmart stores here in Australia.



  1. honestly I would saw that cylinder piece off and slap a tactical rail on the top, probably a good blaster to integrate the stock end of a firefly into to make up for the short stock.

  2. I have no affiliation or personal connection with Zuru, but nice write-up on a much overlooked company! Is there any modification potential so that Hasbro darts are compatible or would it be an overhaul?


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