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Saturday, 12 April 2014

China's loveable shenanigans.

China, more than 80% of manufactured goods on the planet is made in China. And this isn't just Nerf blasters, clothes or rubber thongs. Raw materials are made there as well. For example, a pair of shoes made in Thailand are most likely to have been made from rubber and synthetics made in China. With all this manufacturing going around and with China's "more of a guide line" approach to copyrights, trade marks and patents, we get copies and knock offs. Nerf is no exception to this.

More after boing.

We all know Leyuan/Zecong Toys like to copy Nerf (and Buzz Bee) blasters, if you don't just take a look at their website, it's filled with gems like these:

And who doesn't want a pimped out Barricade/Stockade?

More recently though, they've started copying the Snapfire:

When it comes to copies, I would say Leyuan is king, but that's not to say there aren't others. BEHOLD! The Storm Wind (are you beholding yet?)

So I see a Stampede bipod and muzzle, a Raider drum mag, and what looks like a shoulder stock from the Buzz Bee Rapidfire Tek on what used to be (ironically) a Leyuan Photon Storm. Looks interesting I'll give it that. And the button on the butt stock gives me the feeling that it comes off or is adjustable.

Then we have the Sniper King (don't continue reading until you've finished laughing at the name).

Where do I start with this one? Longstrike barrel and butt stock, Barricade/Stockade body with (X-Shot Xcess-esque) dual dart cylinders and a Stampede bipod again. Notice that even with the Longstrike butt stock, the stock attachment point is still on the back? We also get dart holders as well because clip holders in this wouldn't make much sense now would it? At least they've thought of that.

Then there's this thing. Compared to the others, it's almost like they didn't even try. Even the name is recycled. I can smell the lawyers getting warmed up now.

Ummm, pirate company? Hasbro just called, they want their everything back. Including the handle from the Maverick.

Then there is the companies that try to do their own thing, but end up making something that already looks like something else. Like this:

It looks to fire something like hollow point Mega darts but from a shell casing. It reminds me of my Mega Clip integrated Magnus. I like ejecting shells until I have to pick them up once my ammo runs dry. I'll be honest, this blaster doesn't look too bad actually. But that's because it's a Lanard X-6! And Simba has been doing Lanard blasters for a while.

Now for something completely different.

It gets worse when you look at the instructions:

Notice in the blaster pic, there is a small box next to the darts. That box is not for the darts but for (from what I can tell) are collector cards or cardboard targets. I quite like the way this one looks. Sort of sci-fi/steam-punk and the heart on the side (why that's there, I don't know) is reminiscent of Harley Quinn.

I'd like to get my hands on some of these just to see how they'd go. But I wouldn't pay actual money for them.

~ Rob


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