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Friday, 18 April 2014

Orange Nite Finder found @ Walgrens

Just when you'd though you'd seen the end of the N-Strike line, we get a white Maverick (that we've seen before) and now an orange Nite Finder.

This info comes from YouTuber Nelson Rojas and the heads-up is from Darren Booth (one of my readers).

So, pics first.

We've seen these before. From either Walmart or Walgrens, can't remember which.

But now we have these to go with them...

I likey very much the white Maverick and am hoping very much it makes its way to the big brown country, the orange Nite Finder I'm meh about, think in Elite blue or plain white like the "Elite" Vulcan and the white Maverick would've looked better.

Before you get you're hopes up, these are not Eliteafications of our beloved N-Strike blasters. These are simply re-releases. Either as a retailer specific exclusive or as a limited run. Sort of like N-Strike's swan song. If these do make their way to Australia ('Straya) I'm hoping Big-W or K-Mark pick them up, because I'll not be buying them if Toys-R-Us gets their overpricing hands on them. It's good to see that new modders can still get their hands on a new Maverick and Nite Finder. These are the blasters many a modder popped their modifying cherry on. And for completionists, it's one more version you can buy!

Notice how (with these re-releases) they're coming out in the new Elite colours? They've skipped the Elite blue. But, that's nothing Photoshop can't fix. I'll update this post when they're done ;)

Which N-Strike blaster would you like to see Eliteafide and which colour?

~ Rob

*** EDIT (21/4/14) ***

So here they are, my Eliteafide Maverick and Nite Finder. I wanted to do a Mag Strike as well because that was the one people were asking for the most, but a hi-res promo shot of it wasn't available :(


  1. dont know about u guys but there's white rough cuts and orange stryfes here

  2. I would love to see a White or Elite Blue Longshot, overhauled to elite standard, new main plunger tube, give the front gun an elite plunger tube as well! That's my dream! Bring the grandaddy of the clip system back in action! If they did it to the Recon, why not the longshot?


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