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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

REVIEW: Super Soaker Barrage

Aaahh shot gun blasters. Be it single or double barreled, there is just something about them that appeals to a male Nerfer's masculinity, and the Barrage does a pretty good job at it.

The Barrage is part of the Super Soaker revamp and I would say a welcome addition too. The blaster is comfy to hold and the like always, made from quality plastic. It has a (very) large capacity and the nozzle has 3 settings, small jet, large jet and "scatter mode".

The large capacity means longer between refills. I like the large jet nozzle, you can deliver a good amount of water with a good range. Pumping the blaster is easy enough, but after a while my arm started to get tired, this didn't happen with the Tri Strike.

There are no strap anchor points on this blaster, nor any tac rails, but who uses those on Super Soakers any way? It is a bit on the heavy side when loaded, but that's the price you pay for a large "ammo" capacity.

And before you ask, there is no trigger on this... dang.

The fore grips (I'm noticing on Super Soakers) are really comfy. Like... really comfy. The fore grip on the Barrage I would say is the best of any Nerf blaster I've used ever.

There is an air hole in the lid for the reservoir that will leak if you hold the blaster upright, but it needs to be there, so hold it straight.

Concluding, the Barrage is a good Super Soaker shottie, comfy to hold, easy enough to prime and a good capacity. But like all new Super Soakers, it lacks that one thing that makes it special... an air pump.

1. capacity is big
2. comfy
3. adjustable nozzle
4. Hasbro quality materials
5. I'm still liking the new colours

1. no air pump (and I really think this blaster would benefit from one)
2. no strap anchor points
3. no trigger
4. high capacity can make it heavy when full
5. gets laboring to pump after a while

~ Rob

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