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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

REVIEW: Super Soaker Tri-Strike Crossbow

When I think summer, I think bright colourful colours, and that is what Hasbro are delivering with the Super Soaker revamp. And I'm loving the new colours, like, really.

So the Tri-Strike Crossbow was first discovered on Baidu about sixish months ago. Since then, we've slowly been exposed to various recolours and new models.

I really love the new colours of the Super Soaker line, it reminds me more of the original Super Soakers than the dark blue, orange and white of the previous generation. The first thing I noticed about the Tri-Strike was just how comfy it was. The handle is such a nice place for my hand to be and the fore-grip is good too. The shoulder stock is a tad on the short side, but there is no reason to shoulder this thing anyway, but without the integrated stock, the aesthetics would be ruined.

Water capacity is good too, and pumping the blaster is nice and easy. The blaster's "thing" is the bow arms that pop out at the press of a button. I call this the "troll button". Why? Well, hitting someone with one stream of water is fun, but then, press the button and then you can hit them with three, just to rub it in.

Whether you're using one nozzle or three, the difficulty in priming the blaster doesn't change. Pressing the button and making the bow arms flick out never gets old, I won't lie, I think it's a cool feature. There is an air hole in the reservoir lid that will leak water if the blaster is help upright, so keep this one level.

Oddly, there are no strap anchors on this one. There aren't any triggers either and that makes me sad. I want air pumps in Super Soakers, that's what made Super Soakers special, that's what the brand was founded on. But now, there nowhere to be seen in the new Super Soaker line. Instead, other water blaster manufacturers are now using the air-pump feature and Super Soakers don't have that feature that made them so ground breaking in the first place. Now, they're just... "Ordinary Soakers".

Don't get me wrong though, the Tri-Strike is fun to use and marvelously comfy to hold. Range is good but it's dependent on how hard you pump the fore grip. The box says something, but the kids playing with these will get something else (as far as range goes). The plastic is the quality stuff Hasbro has always used and nothing rattles.

In conclusion, the Tri-Strike is a fun blaster with a cool feature and comfy handles. It'll be available in Australia for summer at the end of the year.

1. comfy
2. flick out bow arms
3. good capacity
4. easy to pump
5. nice colours

1. no strap anchors
2. no trigger
3. no air pump

~ Rob

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