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Saturday, 17 May 2014

Baidu and Taobao silenced... now what?

As a blogger, every time I visited Taobao and Baidu, it was sorta like getting a Christmas present. Excited at what you might get, the anticipation and then you open it and it's exactly what you wanted! White Rough Cut, orange Stryfe, everyday bought a new joy to this little blogger. But now that Hasbro has cracked down on security at the factory, my Christmas tree has no presents under it.

More after boing.

When I started blogging, it was easy for me to get the scoop on Baidu and Taobao leaks because I work on a computer all day. It was easy for me to check Baidu and Taobao hourly, or even half-hourly.

Before I continue, I want people to know that I understand that Nerf is Hasbro's thing and they want to be in control of the flow of information about their products. Every company that makes things wants to have total control of the flow of information about their products. If I were making a thing, and it leaked online before I had the chance to announce it officially, it would annoy me.

It would appear with the new year, Hasbro's resolution was to crack down on the leaks from Chinese websites. This has been done by (rumoured) mobile phone bans on the factory floor, security check points, swipe cards and masses upon masses of security cameras. As a result, there has been no info from China for the last 4 months and My Last Dart and I have declared Baidu and Taobao as dead... as far as Nerf leaks go anyway.

This has really killed the buzz for me. Every day when I logged onto Baidu, It was exciting, because everyone likes presents. The leaks made blogging exciting. Not just for me but other bloggers have noticed and drop in interest in blogging. I try to gather what material I can, but without Baidu and Taobao, there isn't much. I've had a back log of reviews to do recently. But the list is nearly cleared. I'm trying to find the time to do more modifications and (as of me writing this) have something I am currently wiring on. After that though, I dunno when I'll have the time to do more. It's something that I really like doing but, it is at the end of the day, a hobby.

Geography also puts me at a disadvantage. Hasbro has made it known that they want to increase sales in it's home country (USA) and part of their plans for that is providing USA bloggers with exclusive information. I just get leftovers. Perfect example. When USA blogs announced an "exclusive announcement" several months ago (it was about the yet to be announced Slingfire), I asked Hasbro Aust what the special announcement is. Their response was "what announcement?". I find this unfair really. Just because I'm Australian, does that mean I don't like Nerf as much as those in the USA?

The whole situation is a real downer for me. I want to be able to provide my readers and YouTube viewers with the latest news but I can't. I have a few ideas for modifications that I think people will like, but time to do them is scarce. It would appear that people like my Photoshop Mods too, like this one...

But Photoshop Mods (to do them properly) can take as long as real modifications. Sometimes longer, it depends on the detail I put into them and the elements I have to create from scratch. It's hard to find time to mod, blog, YouTube, Facebook, do write ups and other things when I have so much going on outside of the hobby. I still get onto Baidu and Taobao sometimes in the hope that I'll find something, though (unlike before) I don't expect to find anything. I did find these on Taobao though...

... but they're nothing to boast to your mum about. Though I don't recall seeing these pics before. And then these were on Baidu...

... pics of the new white Retaliator's fore grip and barrel.

Well, I have a blaster to rewire. This post has made me sad and mods make me happy.

~ Rob


  1. I would say that some companies haven't accepted social marketing - they need to pull their head out of their collective rectum. Do they have any clue how much anticipation those leaks drummed up? I would likely not be nearly as excited about lots of recent releases were it not for the covert way they were revealed. I agree with you 100%, they're killing their own buzz instead of generating it internally.

  2. Australia gets the double shitty end of the nerf stick, ignored by Hasbro and derped by stupid legislation that makes some of your stock stuff even worse than the EU, which is an achievement, believe me!
    At least we get the odd scoop, where UK is used as a soft release for stuff, like getting the Rapidstrike in July or BoomCo early etc. if I was you I would find it hard to care about Hasbro's plans for the rest of the works. I love your mods and unique style, plus it amazes me that despite your territory being way down the pecking order you have still managed some awesome scoops. Keep trying!

    1. It's comments like this that keep me going, that and coffee, life threatening amounts of coffee.

  3. Dont give up Rob. Im a yank down under. Love your work and your blogs. Keep digging someone will leak something. Thank-you Rob.John the Yank.


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