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Friday, 23 May 2014

Demolisher close-ups!

Who doesn't love photos of blasters that have yet to be released? Apart from the company making of course. Baidu are officially in full swing. Pumping out new pics of stuff almost daily and today, it's these.

Just like the Slingfire close-ups, these photos make the blaster seem painfully close.

Staring down the sights, it's almost like we own one already.

Ten round banana mag, it's just like a regular mag, but with more potassium and bendyness. This (IMHO) is the biggest let down with the Demolisher. Ten rounds? Could you imagine using a Stryfe with just ten rounds? Well, you could, but it would be bad right?. And the bend is purely aesthetic, even more fail.

Here's the money shot! Looking down the missile's barrel. Here we see what appears to be a new type of AR, different to the one in the Big Bad Bow and the Blazin' Bow. It almost looks like there is no AR (air restrictor) at all and just a grilled bit of plastic in the front. You can also see that the missile launcher is moulded into the blaster shell. Meaning it's not coming of without a saw.

I'm actually looking forward to this blaster. I think the looks are good and the orange on the main shell isn't so bad now. And I think that the missile will be really useful in HvZ games and wars if it was given a radius of splash damage. Or maybe a one-shot-kill for a berserker zombie or something.

~ Rob


  1. I want that stock for my Pyragon!

    1. Speaking of vortex weapons... did they remove the Revonix off the market? I haven't seen it on the shelves.

    2. I have seen them at toys r' us, target, and a few others. They are getting hard to find though.

  2. I love the look of the 35 rd drum... looks very Boss. But how does it feels in your hand as far as handling? Even with a 35 rd drum??


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