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Friday, 23 May 2014

Orange Firestrike on Taobao

New day, new leak from China. It seem Hasbro are fixated with the orange and white thing and this time it's the Firestrike.

More after boing.

It would appear that no blaster is immune from Hasbro's various swatches of colours. Just like we saw in pics from the New York Toy Fair...

We can see in better detail now, an orange Firestrike.

We can see here that there are two shades of orange at work here, the shell is moulded in a 'not to extreme' orange and I don't mind it to be honest.

From the photo taken at the New York Toy Fair, we can still expect a white Strongarm and a white Retaliator. In the orange and white, we've already seen...

Some blasters look OK in orange, some look OK in white. I think the Demolisher works well in orange but the CAM ECS-12 looks silly with the blue stripes, should be orange. Orange Stryfe I'm OK with but the Zombistrike orange Roughcut is a whole lot of nope. White Triad looks silly, but in orange I think it'd work. White Retaliator looks to be all right, so far. But what I'm not looking forward to is the mix-mash of orange, white, grey and blue coming our way.

HELLO!?! Consistency? Where are you?

~ Rob


  1. Consistency is what I liked about the new Elite lineup at first... but now that's all been thrown out the window again. Seems like Hasbro goes through phases with the Nerf colors.

  2. In lieu of psychos and mass shootings I think Hasbro is using clown colors to truly let people know it's a toy!


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