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Thursday, 1 May 2014

REVIEW: Nerf Secret Strike AS-1 & Dart Zone Mini Dart Bow

The Secret Strike is the smallest Nerf blaster made and it came out a while ago too, so I was surprised when I found one in a toy store, new.

For those with larger hands, you might find the Secret Strike a little difficult to hold, there is no pistol grip after all. Pump the blaster 5-6 times and then press the button on the top. Sounds easy enough.

When firing the Secret Strike, it goes off with a nice pop and gets good distance for a blaster of this size. it's not at all hard to pump and you'll want to press the button quickly to fire the dart. Press it down slowly and it'll let out air before firing.

There isn't much else I can say about this blaster, because there isn't much blaster to talk about. it comes with a key-ring/clip thingy for attaching to things too.

It's compact and will fit into many a pocket, it's tiny but mighty and reasonably comfy and that's about it really.

For a few weeks I had this blaster in the office and with a suction dart (or two) found it to be most satisfying to shoot my computer with.

1. comfy-ish
2. powerful
3. compact
4. solidly made

1. single shot
2. clip would easily break

That's a short review, quite short. So, here's another :)

The Dart Zone Mini Dart Bow doesn't look like much because it isn't much. Seriously it's a small blaster. It's one of those no nonsense blasters (accept for the string). Ive played with several ideas to make it more practical, but other than removing the string, which doesn't really get in the way anyway, I can't think of anything. If I remove the lower bow, what do I hold on to, if I remove the upper bow, where do the extra darts go?

Firing this blaster is easy, pull the (spring powered) plunger back and release, like an actual bow. The plastic is nice and rigid and the lower handle suits my large hands well.

As a last resort though, is where this blaster starts to fall. It's not really something you can put in your pocket and it's not like you can cock it and then wait to pull a trigger. I've also found it inaccurate, but that's largely my fault because I don't use bows too much and can't hold it steady.

It's performance falls a little short of blasters of equal size, but AR removal and perhaps some PVC or brass can fix that. These are available on the Dart Zone website and in Toys R Us under the Air Zone brand.

I like this blaster, but... I just don't see myself using it in war. Drinking game definitely though :)

1. compact
2. sturdy materials
3. ok performance

1. awkward shape
2. requires two hands to use
3. poor accuracy

~ Rob

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