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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

REVIEW: Orange Mod Works Rampage Unleashed SOLID kit

I love the Rampage. I know there are better blasters available, but the Rampage will always have a spot in my heart. It was the first big Elite blaster I bought when I got back into Nerf and was the gateway blaster that sparked the Nerf fire within me again. And Orange Mod Works (OMW) have an upgrade kit for it :)

First thing that I notice is the quality of the box. It's nice. Sounds silly to make a point of the quality of the box. But, it was a really nice box. The parts are nicely laid out in cut foam padding, so you at least get your money's worth in the packaging department.

The second thing you notice is the quality of the parts. The cast metal parts are all nicely molded and there is no slag hanging off of it anywhere. The plunger rod (not 3D printed) features a thicker front lip, this means the blaster will better handle more powerful springs with the air restrictor (AR)removed. Upgrade springs with the stock plunger rod will result in the front lip breaking off with the AR gone. There is a white spacer that friction fits into the head of the plunger rod that is 3D printed however. I was puzzled as to why it was included but I figured it out and will explain later.

The parts are easy enough to install. I'd recommend greasing up any surfaces that rub together though. The metal trigger feels good and the metal trigger catch (while I don't think it's needed) is a nice addition. I say not needed because my Rampage already had a 5kg spring in it and the stock trigger catch and spring held it just fine. For a more powerful spring, then I'd say use it definitely, but I paid for it so I'm going to use it with the 5kg spring. The beefed up trigger catch springs that come with the kit aren't needed with the 5kg spring either. Again, like the metal trigger catch, you won't need it unless you're using anything more than a 5kg spring.

So, about that spacer. The white 3D printed thing. Well. In the head of the plunger rod you'll notice a cavity. This is where the dart chamber goes to push the plunger back. But, if you take out the spacer, you'll notice the cavity on the OMW rod is about 1.5mm deeper. Why is this a problem? The the breech can only travel so far before the mechanics won't allow any more travel. The dart chamber needs to be able to push the plunger back far enough so that it's caught by the trigger catch. But without the spacer, it can't. That spacer allows the trigger catch to grab the plunger with the travel given to the breech. So the spacer means someone dun goofed. The spacer does it's job, but, the plunger hits the end of the tube with enough force to dislodge the spacer inside it. Then on the second prime, I almost destroyed the spacer because it had become a loose bit of plastic in the tube. I had to use Tarzan's Grip General Purpose Adhesive to make sure it stayed put. And so far it's done the job.

So far (after 50+ dry fires) there has been no fatigue on the OMW plunger rod and the space has held its spot. The metal trigger catch does cause some wear on the plunger though so I might switch back to the plastic one.

Judging the kit as a kit, I'd says it's a good buy. I little pricey for what you get though so it would be pertinent to keep an eye out for one of OMW's sales. The spacer for the plunger is a bit of a downer though. It doesn't match the quality of the other parts and screams "last minute fix" to me. Maybe the rod's dimensions will get revised in the future?

Troubleshooting this kit was a chore though. I took the blaster apart perhaps three or four times. The spacer came loose, the trigger would stick, the stronger trigger catch spring made firing needlessly difficult and some other reason I can't remember because it was past midnight by the time I had the blaster together for the final time! DX

But, I love my Rampage more now than ever, all it needs is a bit of brass and it'll be perfect :)

~ Rob


  1. Hi Rob. Just a quick question? Is there any limts to what a person can buy from OMW.? I know the gun laws here in Australia (even toy blasters) are lets just say. (Strange) I really dont wanna spend money on upgrades just to havr customs take them. Thank-you. The Yank

  2. Hey Rob. I didn't know if I should take out the AR. I didn't know if it would help or not help? If I did take the AR out would all the bullet fishtale? Was thinking about putting the stock spring in with the Orange mod works spring. Then I have the same problem should I keep the AR or not? The last thing I had to ask is the little white piece the (plunger head plug) how do you know if it is needed in the blaster is it only the new ones? If you may need that piece what type of glue should I use superglue, gorilla glue? Please let me know which glue is the best to use. Thanks!

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