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Thursday, 22 May 2014

Slingfire internals!

OMG! So Excite! Such Baidu!

More after boing!

Pics from Baidu reveal the Slingfire's internals. Lets go straight to the money shot!

So it seems removing the stock is two screws away. We can also see that there is'nt too much wasted space inside either. And the barrell is nice and shortish.

Here we get a good shot at quite a few gears. Might be too much in my opinion, but Hasbro have been doing this for a while now so I suppose they know what they're doing. The gears do look fairly solid, the weak link in the chain would be the priming lever. The gear teeth look flimsy and the lever is bendy. We can also see a cover for the gears.

The geared end of the priming lever reveals what appear to be locks inside the gear.

I don't think I'll be removing the stock from my Slingfire base on this photo.

Do these pics make you want it more or less. I'd still buy one.



  1. Well done, a good find. The removable stock means we could make our own, or design a stock extender. it does need a stock of some kind.
    I don't really see the need to mod blasters like this, they are just fun to use, not really primary material. A new spring will probably yield similar improvements to on Elite stuff. I don't think anything more than 5kg is going to be useable if you want the lever/gears to live.

  2. Integrated Stockade Stock mod time!

  3. i'de want to weight the stock so when you badass flip, it works better.

  4. This is so much win! Shot Rob!

  5. Hmmm... clearly not the Australian model, it has the red trigger instead of the grey.


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