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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Up close and personal with the Slingfire & Sonic Ice Rapidstrike?

Who's up for some speculation? Because I sure am! But after some close-ups of the Slingfire.

Baidu is back to its old self because today I got these gems!

These pics make it feel close enough to touch. So close, yet so far :(

Thanks to Random Shadow 09 for this lead!

Pics on Taobao of an 18 dart clip, sounds like an everyday thing for Taobao but take a closer look. It's opaque orange on one side and clear on the other.

"So what?" Right? It's just a clip. But it's a clip in the Sonic Ice colours. And it's not a clip for any Sonic Ice blaster we've seen already too. Centurion included! The Sonic Ice Retaliator and Hailfire come with 12 and 6 dart clips respectively and the Rampage has the drum. It's not a standard clip because those have translucent orange on one side, not clear. And the Rapidstrike's clip is all clear, not half orange.

The only Elite blaster that comes with an eighteen dart clip is a Rapidstrike. So one could deduce that this is the clip of a Somic Ice Rapidstrike!

Yeah I went weak at the knees too.

We did have quite a few Clear Series and Sonic blasters on the N-Strike line. More rhan three anyway. Centurion makes four andnow it looks like there could be a fifth.


~ Rob


  1. i am concerned about the bending of the lever, I really wonder how strong it is, the buzz bee rapid fire rifle never had any issues because the lever was made of solid metal.

    1. I would be surprised if there wasn't an after market available in the months after its release

    2. I'd bet that OMW is going to make that, if not one of the other big kit groups, given how wonderful they are. And if there's no quick one, someone's likely to figure out and post how to make one yourself.

    3. OMW would make a metal lever... maybe


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