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Tuesday, 20 May 2014

White Triad on Taobao & Grey trigger Sonic Ice Retaliator on Baidu

Looks like Taobao an Baidu are in full swing. Because after yesterday's Slingfire, Demolisher and Sonic Ice Rampage leaks, now we have a grey trigger Sonic Ice Retaliator and the new white Triad.

So with Hasbro's revamp of the Elite line some will be orange, some will be white. Why is anyone's guess, there are some theories, but according to Hasbro Australia, there is no scheme behind which blaster get which colour.

So here is the white Triad from Taobao...

I'll be honest, I like this less than the orange. I don't like the blue stripes and the 'ELITE' on the barrel in blue print, nope. It looks like someone ate a white, orange and blue crayon then puked. If I was wanting another Triad, I'd be getting one now and not waiting for this to come out, because when it does. We're stuck with it.

Then HJ Reviews found this on Baidu...

Another grey trigger Sonic Ice blaster this time a Retaliator. I said yesterday not to get ahead of ourselves, but I can't help but think, these are coming to Australia. I wasn't too fond of the Sonic green of the N-Strike line. But the Sonic Ice sub-line looks so nice! Must be the transparent blue. If only Toys R Us didn't charge so much then I'd be getting all three (maybe four?) in the Sonic Ice line. But I might just get one, the Rampage. I love you Rampage :)

~ Rob

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  1. Plus, even if we do get the triad, we'll get a horrible grey-trigger slapped on the blaster making it even more dull...


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