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Friday, 30 May 2014

Zombiestrike Longshot!!!!!!!!1!!!1!!one

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG! Thanks to UK Nerf Wars for the heads up!!! This was found on, but there others too.

OK ok ok, lets compose ourselves and think about this logically for a second! Pictures.

Zombiestrike Longshot CS-12 Description:

Product Details

The zombie threat is growing bigger every day, and you need a bigger blaster to keep up! The Longshot CS-12 blaster holds 12 Zombie Strike Darts and has a long-range targeting scope so you can aim with precision to take the zombies out. Load up fast with the Quick Reload clip, press the trigger and sweep the field in the battle against the zombies with the Longshot CS-12 blaster!

Brand: NERF
Age Suitability: 8 years +

So, there's no bipod and no barrel. Looks like Hasbro have learnt their lesson there. And if this is being released along side other 75+ foot range blasters, then it'll need to perform! It does come with the scope, in Elite orange too. Shame about the grey. it still has the N-Stike logo on the stock and a revamped 'Z' logo on the side. I'm ok with the blue as well. There is an 'Exclusive to Target' sticker on the open box too. The darts are the same as I found in a design concept of the Hammershot (Hammer 5)

What does this mean? It means the holy grail of blasters, the founding father of direct plungers, the grandad to the Elite line (let's not talk about the Centurion, that one's a black sheep) is back!

Does this mean OMW will start making Immortal kits again? I hope so. I already have two Longshots, others have many many more. But I'm not going to say no to one more :)

But wait there is more! Smyhts is on fire today because we get a look at the box art for the Doublestrike, Demolisher (non-fuzzy image) and Cam ECS-12!

Doublestrike Description:
Product Details

Put a double tap on every zombie you see with the Doublestrike blaster! The compact, one-handed design of this blaster lets you load fast with one hand and fire with the other. And when you cock your blaster and pull the trigger, the double tap is automatic because the blaster fires 2 darts in a row! The zombies won't stand a chance when you hit the street with your Doublestrike blaster!

Brand: NERF
Age Suitability: 8 years +

They get extra points for the Rule #2 of Zombieland reference! But loose them on account of the price.

Cam ECS-12 Description:

Product Details

30 pack dart refills. Compatible with any NERF N-Strike Blaster.

Brand: NERF
Age Suitability: 8 years+

I think they copy/pasted the wrong text for the description, LOL. If this price is accurate, it equals, AUD152.62!! Maybe buy a Rapidsrtike, and with the money you've saved, buy one of those video cameras made for kids to the barrel. Better video quality and cheaper.

Product Details

Launch 2 types of ammo at your target with the Demolisher 2-in-1 blaster! This blaster has a maximum impact whether you’re blasting big missiles with pump-fire action or unleashing a powerful barrage with motorized blasting. If you’re in the mood to demolish the competition, you can fire both at once! Store your missiles in the detachable stock. You’ll dominate the battlefield with the Demolisher 2-in-1 blaster!

Brand: NERF
Age Suitability: 8 years +

I like this box, it's a nice box.

We also get a proper promo shot of the Doublestrike.

And there is also an Agent Bow arrow refill pack too.

I am so excited for the revival of the beloved Longshot. Even if it is in the Zombiestrike line, it's back. I just hope, it performs!

~ Rob


  1. I think I read somewhere that OMW was going to, or possibly going to make another LS kit.

  2. OOOHHHH!!!!! Nice find with the ECS and Demolisher!!! That DS though... can't wait!

  3. watch the longshot have a retaliator plunger tube lol. still, nerf would of covered the holes where the bipod used to be. so, probubly and sadly fake. still, the demolisher probubly had bacicade sized motors, so i'll take the launcher off, (hacksaw style) and fill it with putty, put a foregrip on and a lightningstorm stock, paint it all dark red with black and silver highlights, maybe add a foregrip, then replace the motors with huge ass blades (according to the size, but still blades,) LIpo battery, and wreck the compitition. or i could take the motor cage out of it to make my afterburner rayven even better. lol

    1. Filling the holes means retooling molds. They have not done this. There's probably some little filler piece in there that blocks both holes and was cheap to get molds made for, or that they had molds for already. I'd be surprised if any range increase wasn't just from tightening the breech enough that it actually grips darts; the blue LS I have doesn't even hold them tightly enough to fire downwards more than a few degrees.

  4. Man, that Longshot is pimpin' with that paintjob!

  5. I am SO! importing a Demolisher, im sick of our more expensive, censored blasters with grey triggers.

  6. The Longshot is an instant hit! The Demolisher also, if you remove the launcher your wasting money.And the Double shot brassed would be awesome!


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