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Thursday, 22 May 2014

Zombiestrike Roughcut... it's a real thing, so is dart storage in shoes aparently

Talk about taking your time. Almost 9 months after Random Shadow 09 revealed what might've been a Zombiestrike Roughcut scanner code at Target USA. It's finally come to fruition!

....aaaaaannnnnddddd, here it is...

So, not really much a difference from the normal Roughcut here. Other than it's orange... eeeeww. It does sport a nice brown handle. Same colour pump grip though. Big 'Z' on the side and it says Zombiestrike on it.

This is the Zombiestrike Roughcut code to which I was referring to...

I think the orange works for the Demolisher and the Stryfe (to an extent), but an orange Roughcut... nope nope nope! And they haven't even bothered to change the box art. Or is it a used box that the seller on Taobao is using? Who knows? This screams to me "EXCLUSIVE!" Most likely Target in USA and Australia. I called it though with my Zombiestrike Roughcut design concept though, it's orange with a brown handle! But... I prefer my Zombiestrike Roughcut to be honest. The proper one has way too much vitamin C.

I quite like the white Roughcut. But this raises the question. "How many other blasters are going to be re-shelled in a nauseating colour then have the 'Z' logo slapped on the side?" We knew the Sidestrike and Crossfire Bow where Elite blasters from the start. But this? Really?

I suppose, at least the colour will match with the orange Stryfe when making a master key.

And now for something completely different!



Awesome Nerfer 1999 brings us this pic and I almost wish he hadn't (no offense mate!), this could be the worst idea in Nerf's blaster related stuff ever. Centurion included!

I'll just let that one sink in.

~ Rob


  1. sorry the shoes are hilarious, I cant imagine anyone using them. the roughcut colors are bad too. Im just going to repaint my demolisher when it comes out, a nice elite blue, that will be cool.

  2. So... The Roughcut is the new Jolt (released in a rainbow of colors)???

  3. I am just not soled on the shoe idea....

    1. Really? You just couldn't help yourself could you?

    2. You know, he might be a shoe-in at comedy, why not bust some jokes to get your foot in the door?

  4. I'd TOTALLY wear the shoes (and I'm a "grown up" with kids and everything). Gonna guess they don't make them in my size.
    I believe Hasbro's paying attention to the modding community and intentionally made the Rough Cut match their OJ Stryfe that way we'd all have to buy the next new thing to match...

  5. I actually like the Zombie Strike Rough Cut in orange... and I hate the "Whiteout" variant! Am I the only one?

    I think it's because I don't like the Rough Cut in general (I have the original blue Elite). I find the priming mechanism feels off, and the last 2 darts almost always miss-fire! All in orange with that brown handle... that works for me!

    I'm am however VERY disappointed though that they haven't modified the shell at all... WTZH! (What-The-Zombie-Hell)
    Not even the staple ZS "tape" around the handle! (e.g. Hammershot, Sledgefire, Slingfire, Doublestrike)
    And other Zombie Strike blasters have dart holders (e.g. Sledgefire, Jolt, Sidestrike)... how amazing would it be if it came with the original yellow N-Strike Barrel Break's attachment?
    Now THAT would be a Zombie Strike Rough Cut worth getting!


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