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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Demolisher Internals and it gets a paint job

It was bound to happen sooner or later, someone has taken the Demolisher and painted it in that all too common colour, "Noob Black".

More after jump.

Lets look at the internals first.

Left side of the shell, not much happening here. We can see the plunger and air tube for the missile launcher but that's about it really.

Right side of the shell is reminiscent of a Stryfe. Only with a lot more real estate. The dart pusher looks to be copied from the Stryfe too, but, why change a design that works?

This is interesting. The wiring on the two halves of the shell are connected by a 2 pin plug. I doubt this was to make modding easier. Most likely to make assembly faster.
And it's the same old cheap thin wires too.

The dart finger, not much to see here. Does look slightly different though and with what appears to be a rubber head.

Now, we don't even have the Demolisher yet and the Chinese are already modding them. But just because you can, doesn't mean you should, allow me to illustrate...

And I'll leave it at that.

In case you were wondering where the missile launcher went, here it is.

It's not modular. The guy cut it off.

Well it's 12:45am now. Time for bed. But what are your plans for the Demolisher? Share your thoughts.

~ Rob


  1. Not buying. Its just an up priced stryfe, and I don't like flywheel blasters anyway.

  2. Still gonna import one, love the increased range and grenade launcher.

  3. I think I might sleep with it the first couple nights, while whispering sweet nothings in its barrel. Soo excited for this and the Slingfire! Is there any word or rumours of when they will be released in North America? I know they say the Fall, but my denial refuses to believe that. I'm banking on August.

  4. I feel like people in the US are going to be doing the same thing China did. I like the looks of the shell. It has some beautiful lines to it but when it comes to functionality, I don't have high hopes or expectations for he missile launcher. I'll be putting off getting it & diving head first into getting the Slingfire. If I can get a Demolisher for cheap or find someone who wants me to paint it, I'd gladly do it.

  5. So... picked up a grey-trigger model a couple of weeks ago. $50 at Toyworld on sale, down from the $80 it was going for normally.

    Running off 6V, it was pathetic. Utterly pathetic. I cannot recommend it as a stock blaster in Australia. The motors suck, I measured a loss in current through the electronic locks, and the pusher felt clunky (though I suspect this last is due to quality control; the extension spring wasn't fitted correctly).

    I gutted the poor thing, removed all locks save the rev-trigger lock, rewired to 125V rated flexible silicone wire, wiped the flywheels over with waste molasses, and disconnected the battery tray. Instead, I'm running it off a 9V Eclipse 1200mAH lithium. Motors are stock until I can get my hands on some Rhino 130s.

    After all the basics, it's turned into a real workhorse, on par for range with my Longshot (roughly 60ft flat), but with a much improved rate of fire. Accuracy could be better, but that's inherent with Elite flywheelers.

    With the relative unavailability of Stryfes in Australia, the Demolisher is the next best thing if you don't care much for the aesthetics of the Modulus. The rocket launcher is a gimmick for sure, but it's still practical enough that I like to use it.

    At the absolute least, the Demolisher has great modding potential if you're willing to sink the time and effort into it.

    Did I mention that the industrial bumblebee theme actually looks good? Far better than a Modulus.

  6. Well i got the demolisher for free from a friend. it just looks and feels so bulky...i hate it...i wanted a stryfe feel too it and i like that disign so...away with the launcher!


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