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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

DPCI codes for Mystery Nerf stuff?

Target USA has these wonderful things called DPCI codes and thanks to Random Shadow 09, we've got a tonne of them!

We'll start with the ones we know already.
:*:*:*:*:*WARNING - PIC HEAVY :*:*:*:*:*

Now the ones we haven't seen before.

So it looks as though Vortex will continue to live on (I say that because the 'new' Vortex blasters are just repaints) in the Zombiestrike line. A 20 pack of Zombistrike disks (possibly in the old green), if Hasbro has printed the 'Z' logo on them = bonus points.

Missile Darts? The Demolisher's Missile? Maybe.

I haven't been able to fine the promo photos for this one yet, but the guys at got their hands on one for a YouTube video.

OK, now we get into the "unknowns". Nerf DPCI codes with now attached products.

The two in the middle look to be about the price range of regular blasters. Perhaps the Rebelle - Secrets and Spies stuff. On the right, could be a refill pack of darts, once again, likely to me Secrets & Spies. But, take a look on the left. USD59.99, what could that be? The Rebelle Rapid Red (Stryfette)? Seems a bit pricy for a Stryfe reshell. Could this be the rumored Ranger blaster? I've heard of a Tour Trooper blaster from China. I tried playing with Google Translate for a bit and 'Ranger' was one of the results. But if that's the case, $60 is a lot to pay for an Elite Longstrike.

What do you think the "mystery Nerfs" could be? Share your thoughts.

~ Rob


  1. I'm still hoping for something along the lines of a mega retaliator, or another clip system mega gun.

    The mega magnus is really cool but it's hard when the only gun worth fielding is top loading with a small clip and unique darts.

  2. who else is excited for the Nerf Nerf

  3. I believe the 60 dollar item is the american price for the rhino fire


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