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Thursday, 19 June 2014

For thah Aussies!

So it looks like Australia's own Big W has it's own reveal and at long last, Elite Suction darts will be available on Aussie store shelves.

Lets start with Big W's reveal.

The Rebelle Wrist Quiver will be available in stores on the 26th of this month selling for AUD8.

Description goes:

Send and share your spy messages as they fly back and forth between you and your team, hiding in plain sight on Message Darts. Red reveals what the designs conceal - arm your friends so they can discover your secret messages

Give it time, there may be an Elite version. I have no doubt this was made by Perpetual Play too.

And it would appear as though Toys R Us has lost the exclusivity to the the Elite Spectre because it is now listed on Mr Toys Toyworld's website.

It's selling for AUD5 below TRU's price offering of AUD40. And they're also selling these now too!

Yes, Elite Suckers have landed in the big brown country at last. Mr Toy's Toyworld is usually the first with the non-exclusives, so expect to see them in other retailers soon :)

~ Rob


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