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Saturday, 28 June 2014

Going full Predator

I don't normally post other's mods on my blog but this one was just too cool not to!

This is Sean.

His load-out for a war I attended today was a Swarmfire, Rapidfire AS20 and a Magstrike.

But with one (actually a lot) difference. The AS-20 was incorporated into the Magstrike and they ran from a pressurised paintball air bottle that he wore on his back.

The Swarmfire was deshelled and mount on his shoulder via a camera mount. The negative battery terminal was connected to the control arm and on his glove was another terminal that ran to the battery, completing the circuit. So he only had to tough the control arm with his thumb for it to fire. ARs removed and over-volted of course.

I had a chance to chat to this mad genius, his future plans are to incorporate head tracking into the shoulder mounted Swarmfire and to have it activated but touching his thumb and forefinger together, instead of touching the control arm.

Of all the load-outs there today, Sean's really stood out!

What are your thoughts, is this awesome?

~ Rob


  1. Well THAT'S several different kinds of awesome. Full Predator, indeed! Thanks for sharing Sean's loadout!

  2. Instead of using his hands to control the swarmfire, he should rig up a jaw-switch; when he clenches his jaw, the shoulder-turret would fire. This would leave his hands free for the important stuff: shooting, reloading, meleeing, fragging, and flag snagging.

    1. I might do that rig with my Swarmfire, but use my Erys CS-18 as a primary, and snag a pair of Sweet Revenges and make a pair of under-the-shoulder holsters for them.


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