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Friday, 25 July 2014

15 Dart Banana Clips... 3rd party accessory?

It might be hard to believe, but it could be true. After someone (Marcus Hoare) asked if they're genuine or not. I decided to study them closely and found something... interesting.

More after jump.

Taobao listed these recently. Upon studying the photos, of the clips in Baidu, I found this pic...

Look in the bottom right of the clip, there is a logo but it's not a Nerf logo. I've blown it up by 250% and here it is.

It might very well be a new Nerf logo. Or it could be the logo of a 3rd party accessory manufacturer. Remember, the Koosh darts started on Baidu, then made their way to Taobao and then finally eBay.

So will these clips end up on eBay as well? Well, yes. Whether they're genuine Nerf or 3rd party, it will undoubtedly end up on eBay. The Taobao price for these are (as of me writing this) AU$7.60 (US$$7.13). I reckon that's the price for one of them, not all three. But still, it's a fair price.

Clips are usually the first part of a new blaster to find it's way onto Taobao. But here are three different coloured clips, does that indicate three new blasters (if these are genuine Nerf products)?

I guess we'll have to wait and find out.

~ Rob

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  1. So gotz the url to buy them?? Cant read chinese that well.


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