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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

More 15 Dart Banana Mags and Ranger One Analsys (based on rumours)

So I recently posted about the rumoured Ranger/Ranger One blaster. I mentioned that it could be the first plunger based blaster to get a 90' range (Mega blasters don't count). That would be nice, but, the ever powerful logical part of my brain started thinking about it.

Sometimes I hate my brain. Just when I was starting to get excited about the Rhino Fire, my brain starting thinking about it logically. Damn it!

And now it's done the same for the rumoured Ranger blaster. Let's recap the info:
1. it's similar to the Retaliator
2. it has a priming bolt (i.e. Centurion, Longstrike, Longshot)
3. it's a sniper style blaster
4. don't know if the barrel and shoulder stock will be removable

So based on that info, I made this Photoshopped design concept using elements from the Roughcut, Longstrike, Retaliator and Rapidstrike.

It needs a scope too, but I'm too lazy to make one. And who really uses those anyway. I know people put them on for tacticoolness but, who actually uses them? No-one!

I've noticed that the second gen Elite blasters are getting >75' ranges (Demolisher, Cam and Rapidstrike gen 2) all have one thing in common... no plungers. Now any modder will tell you that getting 90' out of a plunger blaster isn't hard. But to get one out of a stock blaster is pretty good. And before you ask "If they can do it now, why didn't they do it last year?" you should look up something called 'Repeat Business'.

Anyway, with this information, my brain asked this question "why is it that only the flywheelers that get 90 feet?" Is it because simply changing the resistors can increase the range from 75'? Is it because electronic blasters are usually harder to modify? (I mean actually modify and not simply changing the batteries, that's like filling the car up with high octane and saying it's been performance tuned). Why just the flywheelers?

But onto the Ranger. I say 90 feet range because that seems to be the new par for the new Elite blasters. If it is going to be 90 feet, would Hasbro have measured it the same way they measured the Demolisher's 90 foot range? Being a sniper style blaster (if rumors are to be believed), it'll have a barrel extension, and the last blaster to get a barrel extension was the Centurion. And it had a lock that prevented a clip from being loaded without the barrel being attached. So it's not too far fetched to think that the Ranger will have a similar lock.

Getting 90 feet will require a stronger spring too. So, does that mean the Ranger will have gears to make priming easier for kids?

Some whom I've spoke to want actual bolt-action in their bolt-action blasters. I feel they might be disappointed... knowing Hasbro.

And now that the Rapidstrike is getting 90 foot ranges. What real need is there of a sniper style blaster with the same range? Sure the completionists will snap them up. But for the practical Nerfers out there, would you get one?

While the thought of a Longstrike successor might sound like a good thing. For it to be successful, it will need to compete with some already strong competition.

HJ Reviews also found this on Baidu.

Fifteen dart clips, three of them. In clear, opaque orange and 50/50. They're in bags and look as though they're ready to go into a box. But a box for what? Also are these actual release versions or are they tooling tests to see how they come out in the different plastic types? Normally when Hasbro release a Nerf clip for sale on it's own, it's a single colour. You normally get the different colour versions when they come with blasters. Which lead me to this question. Is Hasbro going to roll out 15 dart banana clips for all of their blasters now?

And then I found these on Baidu afterwards.

The clear clip doesn't get a lot of love, and the reason I think Hasbro went with it (Rapidstrike) is so you can see how fast you're going through darts. Like it's advertising the ROF. So could this clear banana clip be for an as yet unknown full auto blaster?

And now that I think of it. If Hasbro keep whinging about the high cost of plastic, then why make blasters and clips that use more than they need?

BAH! That's enough brain work for now. Gotta' go to work.

~ Rob


  1. I very much doubt the R1 will be XD as a springer. It will put it out of contention for UK and AUS markets if it has a 5kg spring, as it won't pass toy regs. The flywheels are being tuned by decreasing the flywheel gap a bit, IMO. This allows the same rubbish consumer batteries to power the same motors, it just transfers a little bit more energy to the dart. That is why the Demolisher is seeing "jam" issues and reported higher dart wear.
    Just to clarify, there are no resistors in flywheel blasters, that is an untruth, the things on the motors are Inductors, they are there to stop RF interference. They have a minimal forward resistance to current, but with higher discharge batteries and better wiring, they can provide a degree of parasitic resistance hence they come off. There is a calculation of this somewhere on Britnerf.
    If the R1 performs better than a stock Retaliator over a 30+ dart test, I will test it wearing a tactical bra on my YouTube channel.

    1. Get Blastersmiths to make one and wear it anyway just to show off what they can make :)

  2. I feel like the cam ecs, demolisher and rhino fire getting 90 ft is a little exaggeration since from what I have seen the ranges are just a little bit greater than standard 75 ft and the fact that for awhile the range claims were dancing between 85 and 90ft.
    If the ranger one is an elite lsk i might be inclined to buy it. If it has a new shell but elite lsk internals then more so. If they make it ugly or some stupid thing like the centurion then I probably wouldn't buy it, but I have been missing using an elite bolt action blaster since the centurion was suppose to be the next in line following the longshot and longstrike then failed miserably.

  3. Wow that Retaliator with Banana mag looks cool! like an AK or something
    I think its okay to be excited for the rhino fire, I'm sure it will be a lot better than most of the current Naysayers think it will, after all, many said the thunderbow wasn't gonna be any good but after testing from Coop and Drac it turned out really good.

  4. The new flywheel systems do make more FPS than previous ones, so there is some improvement at work. Agreed the 90ft is stretching it a bit as a claim on the box.
    I wouldn't trust any range test, they are hopeless for measuring performance.

  5. I didn't like the original shots of the 10 dart banana, but the clear 15 dart banana is pretty cool, I'd pick one up.

    The only thing that would make me buy a ranger one is if it came with exclusive attachments like a red dot sight or something else that I don't already own.

    My favorite blaster for looks is the stryfe decked out with retaliator parts. I bought the retaliator just for the parts to make my stryfe look great.

  6. Why are we jumping to conclusions? Do we know that the Ranger will be a sniper?
    Remember how the Vulcan had a priming bolt, and yet was full-auto?
    Perhaps the Ranger might be something like this: ?

  7. 15 Shot clip?? What url please and cost for shipping to oz. perhaps this midsize can fit in cargopants better than an 18 dart clip

  8. What real need is there of a sniper style blaster with the same range? Sure the completionists will snap them up. But for the practical Nerfers out ...

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