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Sunday, 20 July 2014

REVIEW: Elite Alpha Trooper

This is it. The famed EAT. The N-Strike version of the Alpha Trooper won hearts with it's slam-fire ability and it's lightweight and narrow profile. But. When I used the N-Strike version, I wasn't taken buy it. Will it be different with the Elite incarnation?

I'll be honest. I didn't like the N-Strike Alpha Trooper. My biggest beef was the pump-grip. My large hands didn't fit on it too well and pinching my skin between the grip and the shaft will ruin a first impression.

But I was willing to give the EAT a chance. After all, it is a popular blaster and to completely ignore it would be unfair.

First thing I noticed is that the fore grip is the same as before (as expected). I didn't pinch my finger with this one but the fear was always there. Like a splinter in my mind. Driving me mad!


I can't complain about the rate of fire (ROF), but the performance didn't seem up to par with my Rampage when it was stock. I no longer have a stock Rampage but just from memory, it didn't seem to shoot as far.

It's the same quality plastic you'd come to expect from Hasbro. The lovely narrow profile make it easy to transport and carry. the 12 dart clip it comes with adds to it's compact nature but an 18 dart clip would've been more practical.

The sling anchor point on the handle is solid but the one on the pump-grip annoys me because it (the anchor point) should've been on something static.

It still has that meddlesome mid-prime lock that doesn't need to be there. But is. Priming is nice and easy and the pistol grip is comfy.

Because of it's relatively short length, it's easily maneuvered around corners and you can do a quick 180 to check your six without a problem. You can't attach a barrel just like before and the orange end cap (I call it the "carrot") doesn't look quite right.

This is a well balanced, light weight blaster with a narrow profile with a good ROF. However, having said that, the performance didn't seem as good as the Rampage's when it was stock. But that could just be me.

1. narrow profile
2. compact
3. light
4. slam-fire
5. easy to prime

1. performance
2. small front grip
3. front anchor point is on something that moves
4. the carrot
5. mid-prime lock

1 comment:

  1. Thats the main reason I've always liked the Rampage better than the Alpha Trooper, comfort. I've always found the Rampage's ergo grip to be a lot more comfortable than the EAT's grip. I guess form factor is the only place the Rampage looses; if only the receiver was on the bottom...


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