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Thursday, 10 July 2014

Sonic Ice Centurion Box Art

Almost 9 months after we saw leaked images of clear blue Centurion shells from the factory floor, we now have confirmation from a Toys R Us store in Hong Kong (and reader Bryan Fung) that the Sonic Ice Centurion is real.

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Well there it is, the Sonic Ice Centurion and might I say it's a good looking fellow too. AND, blue Mega darts that look like sumo Elite darts, they look good too. So far so good. Shelf price for this is HK$599.90 which equals about US$77. As this is Sonic Ice, only TRU will be getting it I suppose, unless, TRU doesn't exist in your country, then I guess it'll be marked up by someone else... bom bom tsh.

A look at the back of the box and we get a better view of the blaster and I'm liking it! I doubt there has been any change to the internals though :(

I've noticed some retailers are no longer stocking the Centurion due to the poor response it has gotten. But, with the special lines (Whiteout, Sonic, Gear Up, Sonic Ice etc) these are lines that Hasbro was paid to make by a retail chain. So, I guess there will be at lease one Mega clip blaster available for the time being. (Hasbro have announced that there will be no more Mega blasters using clips)

No changes to the colour of the Mega clip, same ole same old. Opaque orange on one side and translucent orange on the other. Same said for the bi pod. I'm really hoping this comes to Australia, and if it does, it'll be a while. Only now am I finding pics of Grey Trigger Sonic Ice blasters on Taobao.

I honestly didn't know I had fans in Hong Kong and it's awesome that they wanted to share this with me. So a big thanks and shout-out to the Nerfers in HK!

So, what do you think? Does the Sonic Ice Centurion make you at least consider buying one now (if you haven't already)?

~ Rob


  1. I actually just bought one on sale from Big W and i do actually like it, its looks and sound anyway... i kinda wished i would wait for this one though, it looks seriously good... if only it were easier to power up.

  2. they should make a dark green clear ZS line called zombie blood


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