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Sunday, 13 July 2014

White stripe 90' Rapidstrike, 15 dart banana clip and more rumours from China.

Recently I put up a photo of the version 2 Rapidstrike on my Facebook page. It sports a 90' range and a white stripe. Random Shadow 09 found a prototype 15 dart banana clip on Baidu. And more news of the "Revenge" blaster and the mystery bolt action blaster rumors coming out of china.

More after boing.
I'll start with the second gen RS. Thanks goes to Cameron Thistlethwaite for the heads up on this originally. But further searching on Baidu has revealed more of the new and improved RS.

Here we see a clearer view of the "ELITE" masking in the white stripe in at the front and clearly the 90' range claim. But the back of the box reveals more than just a white stripe.

It appears now that the shaft for the adjustable shoulder stock is now orange. Not grey as it has been previously. We've seen entire blasters given the orange make-over but not just one part. I like it though, It looks more Elite now than the previous version did.

To Aussie Nerfers, this means that the grey triggers will look more out of place on these when we get them. And when we do, don't expect more than a 22m (72 foot) range.

Random Shadow 09 found this, also on Baidu.

We've seen ten dart banana clips before with the Demolisher but never a fifteen dart clip. Random Shadow believes that this is a prototype, and given the colour of the plastic I'm inclined to agree. What's different about this one is that the curved section is actually used. Unlike the ten dart banana clip (that was just a ten dart clip with a curve on the end) the curved section will fill with darts and the pusher will follow the tracks around the bend.

While I like the looks. Give me a twenty-five or thirty-five dart drum any day.

I've been getting emails from China in regards to a couple new blasters that we've yet to see. A bolt action called "Tour Trooper" and one called "Revenge". I now know that they are one in the same.

"Retaliator", when translated to Chinese and back to English comes out as "Revenge". But what the source was trying to say is, "it's similar to the Retaliator". And that same blaster I now know to be a bolt action priming style blaster. Which means... new sniper blaster on the horizon! No pics yet unfortunately but I've asked for some from the person and no reply yet.

The name of this blaster is 'Tour Trooper' (as translated by Google). I don't think this is a new Alpha Trooper, making the Alpha Trooper bolt action would incite a lot of rage amongst its fanbois. This is a whole new blaster for 2014 (or maybe 2015) and could very well be the first 90 foot range plunger blaster (if new ranges are to be uniform). The name puzzled me a bit. So I tried English variants of 'Tour Trooper' but got results that made less sense then the name I was given. Then I remembered hearing about a "Ranger One" blaster from somewhere (can't remember where), so I tested variants of 'Ranger One' in Google Translate and... "Tour Trooper One" was one of the results. It appears that Simplified Chinese uses the same word for 'trooper', 'hero', 'knight' etc.

Take that info how you want. I think it sounds like we might see an Elite successor to the Longstrike, but it might be some time yet.

~ Rob


  1. What was the chinese name you got? Perhaps I could make some sense of it :)

  2. I cant wait, things are really stale now. Even Air Zone and BuzzBee are dead right now.

  3. What i will probably do is when i get the amped up RS, i will switch the stock with my original RS, because i think the gray stock would just look better with the white stripe,

    in other words, i am going to create the rapidstrike nerf shouldve done.

    one last note, the stock was gray on the prototype at toy fair in new york, sooo..... i dunno

  4. god I would love and elite replacement for the longstrike.


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