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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Zombiestrike melees, Sonic Fire and the 'Oh Feck' moment.

It stated with the Zombiestrike Strike Blade, and the Machete. Now we have a 2x4 and a wrench with a blade on it. Nope. Not making this up.

So this morning when I checked my emails, one of them was for this.

Because nothing it better at taking down the undead than a chunk of wood. Or a bit of foam that resembles wood. I'm hoping the build quality is better than the Machete. Too many bad reviews have led me to giving it a miss. At least the 2x4 looks thick enough to have a solid core. But as far as melees go, I'll be giving this a miss too.

Then when I was checking the Nerf subReddit, I found this Zombiestrike wrench axe thing. With a blade on it. My opinion on this is the same as with the 2x4 with one slight difference. Beating zombies 'with a wrench' sound more gruesome and I like it as a result.

These two offerings were undoubtedly made by Perpetual Play and I'm hoping the quality and rigidity issues were sorted as well. If the foam is up to par with Nerf's N-Force line. Then I might, might, give them a chance. At least with the wrench.

I was also notified about this via email as well (thanks to Cameron Thistlethwaite for the heads up).

Sonic Fire Barrel Break. So far only in Hong Kong but it will spread the globe soon enough I assume. It appears that, after we were told that N-Strike would be killed off at the end of last year, N-strike is not dead yet. This is a Toys R Us exclusive like the Sonic Ice line and it will be interesting to see if only N-Strike blasters get the translucent red treatment or if we'll see Elite blasters in the same colour. The darts also had a make over, all red. I won't go into depth why I think these don't look right.

This isn't the first Sonic Fire blaster we've seen. There were some Super Soaker (I mean Average Soaker) blasters a few months ago bearing the Sonic Fire name and they too were a Toys R Us exclusive.

Whether we'll see all of the N-Strike blasters given the Sonic Fire treatment remains to be seen. But I'm expecting a Maverick and a Nitefinder as well.

Lastly, thought I'd share this. A Titan with a bike pump that can fire either a single Lanard slug, or, 6 or 9 darts at once. When you hear it go off, that's the 'oh feck' moment. It was really effective at base defence and clearing a crowd. Note the vapor cloud. Super props to Gavin Carter for this amazing photo!

~ Rob


  1. so if mega turns blue and elite turns red then mega darts are blue and elite darts are red?!?! jesus stop confusing me hasbro!

    1. One is twice the size of the other. Not that confusing.

  2. Lol on the ZS melees. Seems like they're taking elements from The Last of Us... which is win win for me as we are using one of their multiplayer games as a game type! PERFECT!

  3. Whenever I see Nerf put out a 4 pack of handgun like blasters, I always think that they have arranged them purposely in a way that looks like a Swastika. Might just be me though. I'm pretty messed.

  4. I found a hammer and crowbar at target with some sorta mask with em too.


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