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Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Holsters: Third Party vs Nerf

Perpetual Play (under the Nerf brand) have released a few holsters for various Nerf blasters. One for the Hammershot and one for Rebelle bows. But how do they compare to the holsters already on offer from some of our favourite accessory makers?

I'll start with the offerings from Nerf first.

The Hammershot holster looks cool enough. It will undoubtedly hold the Hammershot well, but I'm wondering about it's durability. These would've been made on mass and on the cheap. So quality is my main concern with this one and the following one.

The Rebelle bow holster can carry either the Heartbreaker Bow or Guardian Crossbow. How practical it is remains to be seen, and it won't be seen by me because I have no plans to get the Heatbreaker Bow and AU$38 is too much for a Strongarm with a stock (Guardian Crossbow). But at least is looks pretty.

Now lets look at the third parties. We'll start with some offerings from Blastersmiths.

MkIV MOLLE Cross-Draw Pistol Holster

MkIV Drop-leg Pistol Holster

Shotgun Holster

Firestrike Holster

Now Apex Weapons Systems

Stryfe Belt Hoster

Maverick Belt Holster

Hammershot Shoulder Holster

Narrowbase LLC Only offers one holster, but I'm interested because I often run a Firestrike as a side arm.

Firestrike holster

Dorm labs offers two holsters that I'm particularly interested in, but they do offer more that you might be interested in.

Drop Leg Holster

Ultimate Blaster Holster

That was a lot of eye candy. My regular load out contains my Trudgeon and a modded Firestrike and/or Strongarm hanging off of my belt. So the Firestrike and Strongarm holsters interest me.

But what interests me more is the quality. The third party offerings are undoubtedly good quality and the Nerf offerings will most likely be cheaper. But as the saying goes, you get what you pay for. If the Nerf branded holsters are 30% the price of the third party ones, does that mean it'll only have 30% the lifespan? If that's the case, then you'd be better off buying the third party ones anyway and support small businesses.

There is also the variety factor as well. The people behind the third party manufacturers are Nerfers like their customers and know what other Nerfers want. Made for Nerfers, by Nerfers. I'm not saying that the guys behind the Nerf branded holsters aren't Nerfers, but the bigger the company, the more red tape there is to get something into production. Sporting the Nerf brand often means that is was made with kids in mind, to the adult sized humans may not enjoy it as much.

If the Hammershot holster ever makes it's way to the big brown country I'll be willing to run a Hammershot as a sidearm just to see how it goes.

If you have any experience with the Nerf Hammershot holster, leave a comment and tell me how it is.

Well, that's it from me for a while. I've enrolled into an IT course to update some of my out-of-date qualifications. By the time I finish, it'll be Summer here in Australialand, perfect weather for Nerfing. I'm also planning an event during summer too after my course, more details on that later.

I'll still check in on things on Facebook and on the Nerf subReddit, but, In the mean time, DFTBA and wear clean undies!

~ Rob


  1. You forgot one of the best ones - Limey Tactical.

    1. I also left out Black Tactical, but the post was already long enough.

  2. Paying three times the worth of the blaster that you're actually using it for, just seems ridiculous to me. I'd much rather buy the PPG version and just reinforce it with different materials like duct tape. Cuz, if u can't Duct it...F#$k it!

  3. Not sure if its your pic or not because it looks like your logo on the screen. But if not, have us seen the Mega Hex Shot pic yet Rob? Its a Mega version of the Rough Cut. Looks pretty bad ass. Theres a little crapoy vid of it here.


      Yes, I Photoshopped it :P

  4. I got one to test it out. It seems ok in terms of quality of build. It isn't the best thing but it does seem to work fine despite not being well attached to your leg meaning it will flop around if you run or jump.

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