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Monday, 8 September 2014

Leaked blaster image translated to English and prices converted

With thanks to my lovely wife. I'm able to give you the 2015 blaster leak image translated to English. And I converted the prices to Australian dollars.

So here it is.

So the prices. After converting the Chinese Yuan figure into AUD, I noticed that the prices on the smaller blasters where higher than what we pay for them. So I deduced that the difference ratio was 0.66777, at least with the smaller blasters. As every Aussie Nerfer knows, it's the larger blasters we're getting ripped off with. So the same price difference wouldn't apply to the larger blasters, so for them I added an expected price range.

Now, the Modulus. Is it a blaster? Is is a whole line of blasters? Well, it's unusual for a single blaster to get its own logo. So I think Modulus is a new line. And I also think it comes in parts too, the clue is in the name. But what did this say?

Well, the two characters mean "parts" and "build" and when they're placed together like this they mean "assemble". So are we gonna buy the core blaster and then have to buy the extra bits or will select bits come with the various Modulus blasters and be interchangeable? Interested yet? I am!

There was also some Chinese next to the names of the blasters, that was simply the Chinese translation of the blaster names, nothing more. Bring on 2015!

~ Rob


  1. You're awesome Rob! Hope the studies are goin well.

  2. I am very interested in the berzerker and the modulus.


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