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Monday, 27 October 2014

Easy rebarrel mod guide, seriously, you won't believe how easy it is.

I picked up some 13mm (outer diameter) aluminium recently. One metre of aluminium costs the same as 30cm of brass, and it's lighter. So I decided to try it out.

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Converted to metric (as all things should be) 17/32" brass is 13.49mm, but I was surprised by how much of a difference the 0.49mm made, especially on home made darts. Home made darts usually has a smaller diameter, and while they fit into 17/32" just fine, they don't have the same fit as Elite darts have. After some testing I found that home made darts have a really nice fit in 13mm aluminium tubing. I re-chambered a dual springed Hammershot cylinder and was pleased with the performance for both home mades and Elites.

I was also pleased with how easy it was to re-barrel with the 13mm size. Allow me to demonstrate with a Doublstrike...

This is all you'll need, no Dremel, no epoxy and no drill. Don't forget the blaster and 13mm aluminium tubing.

Put the dart into the chamber and measure up to the end of the foam (don't include the head).

Now put the 13mm aluminium tubing into the chamber and mark where the foam of the dart ended

Using a pipe cutter, cut the tubing at the mark.

Using a pipe cutter will squash the tube so use pin-nose pliers to trumpet the tube. Insert the pliers and turn while applying pressure. Aluminium is a softer metal than brass, so you won't need to apply as much force. Do this for both ends but make sure one end can be inserted into the dart chamber. The trumpeting makes the darts easier to insert.

Now sand the ends with some coarse sandpaper. Fold the sandpaper into a point and sand inside the tubing and the ends.

Now use a fine grit sandpaper in the same manner, to make the ends smooth. This will prevent the ends of the tubing from cutting and shredding darts.

Now apply some Teflon tape the smaller end of the Tubing. 2-3 layers works well I found, but more may be needed.

Insert into the chamber/barrel/dart hole.

And push.

Push more.

There you go!

With all my test firing, the aluminium did not move. The best part about this mod is how easy it is to undo. Just grab the aluminium with some pliers and pull.

~ Rob

NOTE: With the Doublestrike and other Smart AR blasters, each sequential dart chamber will need a slightly shorter length, hence the difference in length in the Doubstrike.

Oh man, three weeks with no posts, I am sorry! I get two weeks off between subjects and I've been spending these two weeks filming Youtube content. I have two write-ups coming, one of them will be huge! I'm always keeping an eye on the web trying to keep up to speed with the Nerf news. There has been too much to go over recently, I like to share my thoughts about the new stuff, and it makes for more writing. I won't simply post "Hey, new photo from China" and leave it at that, I like to speculate.

Anyway, one subject to go, and then normality should return.

I hope.


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  2. Can you rebarrel a strongarm like that?


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